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🔥 UPD: Polygon hardfork happened this week!

The software upgrade occurred at 10:45 UTC on Tuesday. The hard fork is designed to reduce instances of spiking gas fees. Good for all of us! Have you noticed the difference already?

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#Cryptogame: the first to guess gets the prize.

This asset is used by banks for payment settlement, asset exchange, and remittance systems that work more like SWIFT. For a long time, haters stated that this is “not a cryptocurrency”.
I’m sure you know the answer!

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🍣 Chef Nomi is somewhat similar to Satoshi Nakamoto.
He remains anonymous despite his popularity, created a cool product in the past, and now has gone into the shadows. The only difference is that Satoshi's reputation remains impeccable, while Nomi managed to mess up…

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Optimism is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum.
Its authors position the project as “made by Ethereum developers for Ethereum developers”.
Optimism allows you to lower fees and speed up transactions on the Ethereum network. Here are a few reasons why this is a good project for DEXs.

🔸 It works, and that's the most important thing. Optimism significantly optimizes the speed and cost of transactions.
🔸 The project already has its own ecosystem and continues to expand it.
🔸 This is one of the most popular L2 solutions for ether.

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📋 TOP 10 DeFi this week (January 18-25)

- The volume of trading has slightly increased compared to last week
- A significant increase in volume occurred over the weekend
- Interest in altcoins has increased significantly
What do you think of that, fam?

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Three coins that could replace Bitcoin in the future.

The bitcoin dominance index right now is close to 40%.
This is still unconditional leadership, but no longer a monopoly. Remember, back in 2016-2017, the index can exceed 80%. Let's fantasize and look at three possible scenarios where Bitcoin loses its lead.
💎 ETH leadership. Ethereum, being a more functional and integrated coin into the global ecosystem, displaces the old-fashioned BTC.
💎 Dominance of stablecoins. The market agreed that Bitcoin and similar coins are only suitable for trading, and stablecoins like USDT are the future.
💎 Binance monopoly. By continuing to expand and get rid of competitors, Binance is achieving an absolute monopoly in the crypto market and making BNB the largest cryptocurrency.
Which scenario is more likely? Or is bitcoin destined to remain the leader?

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Are they just like normal tokens or not? 🤨

LP (liquidity pool) tokens are a transferable crypto asset that can be sold or exchanged on the open market.

But they are not like other "normal" tokens. They can be received as a result of providing liquidity. When liquidity is blocked in a pool, its provider receives special LP tokens confirming their share in the pool. The name of an LP token indicates a pair of tokens in the liquidity pool (for example, ETH-WSD) 🔁

The exchange rate of LP tokens is calculated according to the following formula:
Total liquidity pool value / LP token circulating supply = LP token value.

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5 interesting GameFi projects that you might not have heard about

🎮 Gala. An aggregator of a number of games on the Ethereum blockchain. You can play on any OS, some games are even available for mobile.
🎮 Illuvium. In this game, you can collect and evolve NFT creatures, earn cryptocurrency by completing internal missions and fighting battles with other players.
🎮 Merit Circle. The project is developing a whole network of different games, of which there are already more than 50: from shooters to card games.
🎮 Wax. An ecosystem with its own blockchain, which includes a number of different competitions, quests and simulators.
🎮 Mobox. This project develops many games built exclusively on the basis of the internal universe. The main "asset" in the game is a cubic NFT animal (MOMO).
🔗 Read more in the Gagarin News article: 5 best projects in the field of GameFi

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📅 It's time to take stock of the week (January 20-27)

The market went up this week (again). By the way, Ethereum has risen in price more than Bitcoin and many other coins. This is likely due to the successful deployment of the shadow fork.
👮‍♀️ And how could the week be gone without arrests? The South Korean prosecutor's office has issued an arrest warrant for the owner of the Bithumb crypto exchange. He is accused of financial fraud through partner companies. This is a small exchange on a global scale, but it was very popular in Korea.
🔒 When I talk about the problems of centralized exchanges, I often openly gloat and encourage everyone to use the DEX. However, an unpleasant situation also occurred this week in the market of decentralized exchangers. The dYdX exchange has postponed to December 2023 the distribution of tokens, which was scheduled for February 3.
That is. What are your plans for next week?

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This week, the Ethereum team successfully implemented the Shanghai shadow fork to test the impact of the planned upgrade on the mainnet.
This was announced by the developer of the Geth client — MariusVanDerWijden.

As a reminder, the Shanghai update (EIP-4895) will allow ETH stakers to claim their staked funds as validators. After the introduction of PoS, users could stake 32 ETH to become network validators, but the funds were (and still are) locked indefinitely.
The target date for the mainnet fork of Shanghai to be implemented is March 2023. Are you waiting?

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#Cryptogame: the first to guess gets the prize.

There are 8 blockchains that are compatible with OpenSea: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche and…
The right answer is the native coin of the blockchain that is missing.
You have unlimited attempts)

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💡 Vitalik Buterin is a true genius. He has excellent development skills, is fluent in three languages and has a proven high IQ (257).
At the age of 19, he launched the Ethereum project, which in many ways, has shaped the entire cryptocurrency market today.
Vitalik needs no introduction, so he would hardly have to write a CV, but let's imagine what it might look like.

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Fantom is a platform for the development of smart contracts and decentralized finance based on DAG technology.
What features make it a great tool for DEXs?

⚡️ Fast transactions. Lachesis’ product is designed for near-instant transactions, making it suitable for decentralized exchanges.
⚡️ Scalability. The network is designed to handle high transaction volumes, making it suitable for decentralized exchanges that need to handle large amounts of trades.
⚡️ Interoperability. Fantom's interoperability layer can interact with other blockchains, allowing decentralized exchanges to offer a wider range of assets and improve user experience.

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