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How to lose weight after 45…
Today we will talk about slimness and our favorite women. And about women who wonder: how to lose weight after 45 and older. A large number of clients, are treated with age-related changes in the figure, and huge fears, and claims that “quite unshast " and excess weight is no longer exterminated.”

Is the beginning of the menopausal period always accompanied by weight gain and is it possible to stay slim, and not turn into a snowman, or rather a snow woman? Let's take it in order.
We can justify any action we take. And, therefore, “it is not surprising that I am getting better, because I have an age”.

The most common misconceptions that we easily hide behind and do not even hope to lose weight after 45:
During menopause, all women recover.
In fact, menopause is a very difficult, but quite natural process, the usual age-related condition of a woman, which means that it is not necessary to change your weight and get fat. Of course, it should be taken into account that the main exchange over the years tends to decrease and if the food portions remain as large as before, then ANYONE will get extra pounds. Therefore, this moment can easily be equalized with the correct selection of food, reducing the volume and calorie content.
I have a genetic predisposition to being overweight. “If you want to know what kind of wife you will have, look at your mother-in-law!”
Statistics show that only a small number of people overweight is initially associated with hereditary problems, and the rest of the root cause is simple overeating, and age — related decline in the main metabolism is secondary, and often occurs due to obesity.From your mother and family, you brought your food preferences and lifestyle, certain traditions, holiday tables bursting with Goodies and weekends on the couch. Most often, regulated eating behavior does not provide a single opportunity for the implementation of"genetic predisposition"!

Yes, a woman just needs to recognize that over the years it is necessary to more closely monitor your figure and health, the fact that in youth sleepless nights and immeasurable-uncontrolled eating behavior was forgiven, already closer to 40-45 years passes in a different way. After all, compensation opportunities are reduced, and Your body needs more careful care.

So. To lose weight after 45, you need to clearly review your relationship with food and follow simple rules. Use NJ Diet. https://whatroseknows.com/nj-diet-review/

It would be good to sit down to eat only with a sense of true hunger. When Your "internal ten-point satiety scale" is clearly below at least six.
Make the process of eating a leisurely pleasure. Enjoy every bite as if it's the last time. A simple rule will easily allow you to eat a smaller amount of food.
And, still, the main meal should fall at the time of lunch.
All the food is serve in small plates. There will be an impression that there is a lot of food.
You should eat in a calm atmosphere, not be distracted, but completely immerse yourself in the process and get real pleasure from the taste of food, not from its quantity.
Easy and moderate-this is the law on nutrition, mandatory after 45 years.
Modern medicine today gives recommendations on the quality of preferred products for women after 45 years.

Five correct foods in the diet after 45:

Of course, cottage cheese. Berries are a great addition to it. We get a surprisingly valuable dietary product, pleasant in all respects...and, most importantly, a good tool for the prevention of osteoporosis

Not fat beef, chicken breast or Turkey is the best choice of meat for You.

It will be ideal to transfer the main source of animal protein to non-oily fish and seafood. It contains a large amount of essential polyunsaturated fatty amino acids, which perfectly stimulate vital processes, lower cholesterol, and this is so necessary in the transition age of a woman especially.