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Rotterdam City Church family church for all nationalities
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Tonight is the first night of Awakening Europe! Please note that the free tickets can only be used for the evening service.
This sunday we will not have service at the prinsestheater. But will participate in awakening at ahoy. Everyone is welcome and no tickets are needed. The meeting starts at 10am. But we will meet in front of the red food stand immediately when you enter Ahoy.
At 9:30-9:45. Then we will take our seats so we can sit together. See you tomorrow at Awakening europe
Lets meet the kiosk after the service
From the 7th until the 21st of August Rcc will be going on a summerbreak. There will be no church service on the 7th-14th-21st of august. On the 28th is our baptist service and barbecue at the vroesenpark
Reminder: tomorrow we will not have normal service at the church building. But we will have our annual Baptism and BBQ at the Vroezenpark at 10:30. Bring a friend and we will see you tomorrow by the wooden Giraffe at the Vroezenpark which located next to the play ground.
During the entire month of October we will each individually will be praying for 1 fixed prayerpartner throughout the month. Find /connect/ pray. If you dont have a prayer partner as yet. Come to church on sunday and lets connect...
Photo from Nsongo
This Sunday we have family sunday. Bring food so we can eat together.