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👆Webtalk UPDATE: We just launched another database server to load balance the traffic and currently the data is still copying to the second server. If you are experiencing slow load times, this is the reason. 

Also, Thursday morning around 0400UTC or tonight midnight Florida time we are taking the site down for a couple hours to sync all data for the 3,000 users who lost their connections when we upgraded the last database.  

We are also deploying new procedures to avoid this issue from happening again.  

We apologize for any inconvenience as we complete final stages of Beta testing.  

Please logout, refresh and log back in to solve most issues relating to the update. (Applies to future updates as well)
Webtalk upgrades are underway please standby for notification when back online
Webtalk should be back in service for everyone now, for some the upgrade took over 6 hours but hopefully resolved issues.
❗️Monday 26 NOV at 0600 UTC (2AM USA Eastern Standard Time) 06:00 Dakar, 13:00 Bangkok, Webtalk will go offline for about 2 hours for database upgrade.
Offline later than expected, no update about going offline on twitter, will post here when Webtalk is back online
Webtalk is back online
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Fortunate are those who joined this channel on Telegram to be informed about any important news of Webtalk if it goes offline.

Currently Webtalk is offline, everyone is logged out and cannot log in, we will update you in due course on the situation.
Webtalk is back online
The CEO of Webtalk has LIED to everyone for the past 2 years about the bonus program. There have been MANY changes at Webtalk that I’ve remained silent about and they are NOT GOOD. Please stay tuned to this channel and invite others in, so that the truth will be told of how so many people have been sold out and why this is now turning into a con job with constantly moving goal posts, false promises, and fake statistics. It may come the time to reveal all if this situation is not reversed quickly concering the “new” bonus plan which is a tiny fraction of the original promises. Anyone that makes promises and keeps breaking them and keeps moving the goal posts against the interests of Webtalk members, YOU, is unfit to be CEO of a social media company with an international membership.
RJ and his friends are now so afraid of the truth getting out that they’ve broken the terms of service and shut down my account. If it’s not back online soon I’ll take time out to write the true story about Webtalk in public for all to know. Stay tuned for developments.
The day after I suggested Webtalk is an alternative social media platform that I’ve been using for over two years that has not censored anything until now, my account was removed illegally because I criticised the CEO who runs this like his own personal fiefdom for lying to the uses of the platform that the first 1 million would receive 10% of all profts and now ca. 2 years later he changed the rules and said only the first 1000. Even though I was in those 1000 and therefore in theory would have benefited if this became a success in future I spoke out on behalf of the other 999,000 and my account was shut down.

After some reflection I’ll post an unbiased article with more detailed information about the truth of Webtalk and why only very few will make any money from it. I have two years of daily experience and devoted much of my time to helping webtalk including three months on the inside of the company and I’ve kept quiet until now about serious issues about RJ mismanaging and lying repeatedly and breaking promises to you because I didn’t want to damage hopes that things will change for the better and because there are those who sacrificed years of work to get webtalk operational.

I’ll also organise an online webinar for anyone with questions. Stay tuned to this channel and I advise you to add any of your webtalk friends to this telegram channel or share the link:

https://t.me/webtalkpro so that:

1) you won’t miss out on the disclosure

2) you may in future also learn about better alternatives

3) you don’t lose contact with us

4) if there is later legal action such as class legal action or test cases you may be entitled to financial compensation for false advertising, false claims and any detriment and losses caused to you in the event Webtalk attracts any future significant investment.

Stay tuned!
As mentioned in the Discussion group linked to this channel, apologies for us not having had the time to write the truth about Webtalk/CEO as promised, it’s on the to do list, and will be posted here once we find the time. Meanwhile the short answer to the question “should we trust Webtalk” is NO. Not under the dictatorship of RJ so long as he does not put right some wrongs, and not when trusted people managing finances have left. The chances of big investment into Webtalk in these conditions are slim. If there is, that’s great, a lot of it will be paid out in damages as it will then be worth litigation. There are MANY problems with Webtalk going forward, but the biggest, is RJ himself. Rest assured, no one can see who is in this channel, so your all being here is anonymous. If you join the attached discussion you can be seen, so if you have any criticism to voice it may be wise to ensure your name isn’t showing so as not to risk also having your Webtalk shut down as Szondy’s was for voicing criticism HERE on Telegram, which was relayed to RJ by one of the people receiving this channel. Kudos. Karma is a bitch! Peace to all, thanks for your patience. Szondy has a LOT on his plate currently: having won a 2 millon dollar lawsuit in London many years ago, he is now onto a national class legal action against a government with a great chance of winning, that, along with family health issues, is keeping him very busy, so we appreicate your patience. If anyone has any immediate concerns, you are welcome to contact him directly at @szondy meanwhile. Thank you. 🙏
Message from Szondy:

Due to so much current tasks I’ll do a summary here instead of the full article I intended to publish.

* Webtalk has many problems, I’ve kept quiet about them, in the interests of the good people there. One thing that has been hard to be quiet about though is RJ and his ever-changing ideas, promises, and his regular LIES.

* I called him out on one of his big lies, the numbers of web talk users. He can twist it any way he likes, but the actual number of people that have EVER registered is less than one tenth of his claims, and those that actually USE webtalk at most 2% of his claims in his “user numbers”.

* His abuse of statistics and hype (such as Alexa, a meaningless and easily forged index for those in the know) I tolerated though it made me uncomfortable, as I hoped he had good intentions.

* The finance officer was impeccable, he resigned (for his own personal reasons) shortly before RJ deleted my account.

* Webtalk is dictated to by one individual who over-rides everyone else in management. One other is his best personal friend. Webtalk has been built largely by Muslims in Pakistan.

* Those who work so hard at building webtalk and promoting it, don’t receive thanks at all: just endless promises of bonuses yet, they’re not even given PRO accounts. That is the stinginess of the sociopathic manipulative liar, RJ.

* RJ has been too cowardly to ever talk to me even when I worked with him and had the job among other things to put all his daily requests into the right places. He pretended it wasn’t his phone when I called him.

* RJ continues to lie and decieve the Webtalk community and has for the 2 years I’ve known him conistently over-promised and under-delivered. Instead of suprising people with updates, he promises “next week, month, soon” and years later, we wait.

* Webtalk is a great product but is failing because it cannot keep people and even punishes those who worked hardest, such as myself on any criticism we’re deleted — even if that criticism occured on other platforms.

* My 2 years of posts, very valuable, and my over 4k followers, are all gone from the web, and all the links I’ve put everywhere in those 2+ years including printed materials, now credit someone who is NOT in my upline: an exploit that has affected a great many others too. Thus the referral system has been compromised. And promises that those in the first one million will forever receive commissions, broken. I’m in the very first 700 registered users of Webtalk, and now RJ has changed “one million” promise to “one thousand” for the 5 levels.

* RJ tries to get out of everything by forever keeping Webtalk in Beta. But if Webtalk becomes profitable or receives large investment there is plenty of room for class legal action on behalf of myself and many others, including those who worked for Webtalk for years. This may well happen in future.

There are many other things, but, I’d strongly advise everyone who cares about Webtalk, who has put effort into Webtalk, to remain in this Channel and share/add others to it, because if Webtalk folds up (and there really is a good chance of that no matter what RJ and others say), you will wish you were in this channel!

If and when that happens, you will all get a notification of what you can do and what options you have.

NO ONE other than a trusted admin can see who is in this channel, so you do not need to worry about being punished by RJ or having your account deleted for being here.

If you join the feedback group, however, your messages there will show your Telegram account.

MANY put years of efforts, some with unpaid or under-paid time, into Webtalk. Most had other sources of income to survive on, but every new venture is a risk.

RJ on the other hand if well looked after, and thus has a comfortable life playing around with his toy as if it is his personal playground — mismanaging it.

Given the weak position Webtalk is in, they’d also not get a good price for a buy-out.
Facebook etc have absolutely no interest in purchasing Webtalk as it is absolutely no threat given its low number of users (contrary to the false claims of RJ, and I still have the exact number of users any time I wish and have been monitoring and keeping records of those registrations from the very first accounts (RJ and co).

Webtalk is between a rock and a hard place, and I will not hesitate to sink it for the benefit of all those that had broken promises, once the opportunity arises. RJ has had plenty of time to reinstate my account and make reparations or put things right.

It still remains a fact that Webtalk exploits poor Africans and Asians who make up the vast majority of sign ups and they are the main promoters of the spread, but also the main disappointed group as their mobile data costs are a significant percent of their budget and the results from Webtalk are generally 0 — with very very few ever getting to $100 payout. It is thus a waste of time and a loss for them, after a few months they usually find out and simply leave — but RJ continues to hide the actually small number of active users remaining and those are the ones who are going to be very angry when it all goes belly up.

Stay tuned to the t.me/webtalkpro channel and you can join the mailing list at https://mailchi.mp/17212ed7967c/webtalk which will only be used when there is important news e.g. regarding legal actions, closures, investment.

Anyone wanting to contact me directly and privately can do so here: @szondy but please expect long delays in answers as I’m currently active on several fronts.

All Rights Reserved
— Szondy
Feedback from long time big hitters using webtalk confirms this is a lost cause. There’s no chance Webtalk will get sold or sound informed investment with current CEO lying and cheating for years. The kindest thing would be to let it sink and save those who worked all these years to spend their time more wisely. In the extremely unlikely event anyone would throw any money at Webtalk it’d only be engulfed in lawsuits from former and current employees and contractors who’ve been lied to with false promises and exploited for years. Webtalk is the work mostly of Muslims in Pakistan who did years of good work while RJ treats it like his private baby while living of his wife’s income. A reminder that RJ exaggerated the figures by a factor of more than 50 times, active users are a very small number and few who sign use it long term. No one is interested to buy it as it’s no competition and the one area it could have had an impact is censorship but Webtalk biggest supporter had his account shut down simply for criticising RJ on another platform. Even Facebook doesn’t undertake that level of personal censorship and allows criticism of Zuckerberg even on its own platform. The management of Webtalk is dictated by one person RJ. The reputable finance officer has left the company. It’s reputation is irredeemable without the resignation of RJ and the reinstatement of censored accounts and objective analysis and policies to mitigate damage. Anyone wise will not place any hope on webtalk and realise the constantly changing goal posts and forever beta are just tools of RJ to avoid accountability for his endless false claims, lies, forgotten and broken promises. Cut losses and run while you can. Trusting and relying upon a charlatan at best or a psychopathic manipulator at worst, is folly or cognitive dissonance.
In addition Webtalk is cheating on commissions with credit for up lines being broken and misdirected via errors in the referrals system that haven’t been corrected. To this day income from closed accounts is accruing to bad actors. Webtalk also doesn’t honour subscriptions by cheating some subscribers. Aside from the fact that very few people ever hit payout levels thus RJ is the main beneficiary in referral income. Although a great referrals program was set up it was later sabotaged.
That slimy RJ and his cowardly side kick: side kick is suffering big time financial losses from bars and restaurant closures. More Karma coming. Because YOU shut down the biggest voice on webtalk exposing this policy. RJ was criticised on TELEGRAM and shut down the voice that could have helped get him the investment from Durov. Big Karma. Moreover lying manipulator sociopath RJ who lives off his wife’s income, criticised Telegram saying its privacy is dangerous as it protects terrorists!!! More Karma. Meanwhile look at the success of Telegram while webtalk is doomed to failure: https://t.me/durov/147
RJ deletes long time original early user’s account, one of the very few to stick with and work for webtalk mostly for free, along with all his years of insightful posts, simply for calling out RJ on his lies over everything statistical about webtalk: user numbers, investment numbers, growth numbers etc. RJ the psychopath while living off his good wife’s substantial salary in the elite financial management sector, gets to play the indispensable hero behind webtalk. Reality is however his random wishes as god of webtalk have caused his team, African and Asian users and those Muslims doing the hard work being the scenes in Pakistan unnecessary hardship for a great many years with not even an award of free Pro accounts to the very people building webtalk on constantly broken promises and moving goal posts. True hallmarks of the psychopath manipulator.
RJ’s hero Donald Trump (for whom RJ himself created a fake account just in case) was deleted off social media even as USA President. Yet RJ does the same, deleting his own critics. Even the Zionist Zuckerberg doesn’t delete his critics off Facebook so long as they don’t question the plandemic and great reset. Now the President of Poland is calling for a law there to ban censorship of social media accounts. Given RJ and Webtalk’s history, webtalk wouldn’t pass the sniff test in Poland nor for any serious investor outside of the Agenda in which case all your personal data at webtalk is theirs. Webtalk has long employed artificial intelligence and will continue to do so to be relevant. The privacy and data mining issue is one and the censorship issue another: webtalk can never attain the traction needed to survive into the future when patriots worldwide will require UNCENSORED media, given RJ’s outrageous arbitrary censorship of his former key soldiers whom he hides from like ignorance running from truth. Webtalk was a great product but the future is blocked by RJ’s true history and mismanagement and any amount of lying about numbers and growth with the app and also his history of cutting off payments to referrals. No one will trust webtalk when the truth is disclosed. The app will not save webtalk because RJ long declared himself anti encryption and pro data mining and the world is heading into a split between Truth and falsehood. It has long been clear which side RJ has chosen. Psychopathic liars do not ever change their spots. They see themselves as infallible.