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EDIT NOTE: this post is NO LONGER TRUE. Webtalk CEO has lied about the program and changed it 2 years later. The article we wrote here on Telegraph is therefore completely out of date and no longe relevant. https://telegra.ph/WebTalk-Affiliate-Program---When-Where-How-09-10
GMAIL CONTACTS IMPORTER HAS BEEN APPROVED BY GOOGLE! You can now find and invite your Gmail contacts again! 

PS: The bug not allowing CSV contact importing on Macs is scheduled to be fixed tomorrow. 
EDIT: As of September 2020 this is now no longer true or relevant, as Webtalk owner RJ changed all the rules about the affiliate program to lock out 999,000 future beneficiaries. We will re-direct the Website in future so this post is only kept here for historic record reasons BUT IS NOT UP TO DATE so is of no use to you: ℹ️ An independent webtalk affiliate site that has information, frequently asked questions and answers with lots of informationabout WebTalk, updated regularly: www.WebTalkPro.net
EDIT on 9/9/2020: the following post is NOT TRUE ANYMORE and is kep here for the historic record. While STILL IN BETA Webtalk owner “RJ” Garbowicz has completely moved the goal posts from the original promise of ONE MILLION affiliates earning 10% of ALL income stream profits, reducing it to only ONE THOUSAND. So the following promises are yet more that “RJ” has broken: https://telegra.ph/WebTalk-Affiliate-Pre-Qualification-During-Beta-09-16
👆Webtalk UPDATE: We just launched another database server to load balance the traffic and currently the data is still copying to the second server. If you are experiencing slow load times, this is the reason. 

Also, Thursday morning around 0400UTC or tonight midnight Florida time we are taking the site down for a couple hours to sync all data for the 3,000 users who lost their connections when we upgraded the last database.  

We are also deploying new procedures to avoid this issue from happening again.  

We apologize for any inconvenience as we complete final stages of Beta testing.  

Please logout, refresh and log back in to solve most issues relating to the update. (Applies to future updates as well)
Webtalk upgrades are underway please standby for notification when back online
Webtalk should be back in service for everyone now, for some the upgrade took over 6 hours but hopefully resolved issues.
❗️Monday 26 NOV at 0600 UTC (2AM USA Eastern Standard Time) 06:00 Dakar, 13:00 Bangkok, Webtalk will go offline for about 2 hours for database upgrade.
Offline later than expected, no update about going offline on twitter, will post here when Webtalk is back online
Webtalk is back online
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