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WashougalMoms pinned «There will be a Livestream Thursday evening with https://youtube.com/c/TheBlackConservativePreacher We will have an update on what is going on and has been happening. We will have an update on the criminal case that they had against the community member…»
CRT was actually brought to us by the teachers union but now they're acting as if they're just supporting it when it was their idea in the first place.

CRT was in the teachers union contracts even before it was introduced as policies to the school district. Our school board members signed it in with the contract before letting the public know. The public never had a choice. It was all bought and paid for without our knowledge.

The school district also implemented Marxist radical political ideology, Black Lives Matter, into the school teachings. Black Lives Matter is Marxist, Anti-Family, anti-white, anti-american, and anti-christian. The movement literally identifies itself as…
Also if you ask the school district of their teaching CRT they will lie to you and say no. They reworded as inclusion equity diversity or critically responsive training but they will flat out lie and say that they don't teach CRT.

This was stated in a phone call for Donna Sinclair's meeting with the 17th legislative district Democrats and a superintendent in Vancouver says when parents ask her if they're teaching CRT she will say no and they leave her alone. They claim that their CRT policy is not CRT because they reworded it.

Washougal also claims they don't have CRT when the board members themselves post publicly about CRT on their social media and passed it as inclusion diversity and equity. They call it culturally responsive training or management
This is also who controls our local school boards, the WEA. This corrupt teachers union endorsed Chuck Carpenter and Donna Sinclair. Our board has five board members and all of them passed critical race theory and BLM into our school teachings In September of 2020 when they signed the teachers union contract and again in June 2021 when they passed the policy fully into the school district.

WEA and our school board are helping turn the teachers, the school, the administrators against every single parent.

Get ready for the school to force this on your children and leave you out of the loop.. the school district owns your children. They are changing their thinking, manipulating their morals, suffocating them with masks, forcing them to socially distance which damages them psychologically and they will force vaccinate your children. Hathaway elementary holds vaccine clinics all for free (they get paid by the government and big pharma though don't worry )

Your children will also never be out of those masks. The school District takes funding in exchange for that from the government. This was confirmed by a discovery middle school teacher from the last board meeting who supports the school board and their abusive policies.
Forwarded from RT News
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⚡️ WH: US ready to vaccinate children aged 5-11 against Covid – starting next month (AFP)

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Reminder for a certain judge on the ballot !
Forward from a local concerned citizen and blogger.

Washougal and Battle Ground info on candidates.
Turns out our Washougal school board sending the Camas progressives after parents, calling the police on parents, lying about being intimidated and harassed to establish that they are so called victims, wasn't so bad in comparison..


The criminal case for disorderly conduct against the woman from the May 11th Washougal school board meeting has been fully dismissed and charges cannot be refiled !!

It has been nearly 6 months of uncovering what our city and our school board have been doing in order to get to this point.

The woman will be live with black conservative preacher next week!

In that Livestream she will go over what is happening in our town for those of you who are new to all of this and explaining exactly what our school district is up to.
Forwarded from SomeBitchIKnow
The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater NY had issued a memo warning parents with schoolchildren against new "invasive and totalitarian Social Emotional Surveys designed as re-education for children."

See their statement below:
WashougalMoms pinned «🇺🇸 The criminal case for disorderly conduct against the woman from the May 11th Washougal school board meeting has been fully dismissed and charges cannot be refiled !! It has been nearly 6 months of uncovering what our city and our school board have…»
Jamie Herrera Butler, the forever traitor and fraud. This is what happens when you don't hold politicians responsible and don't allow for them to be censured until it's too late. Vote wisely ! Choose the candidate that actually has spent time getting to know his people in the third congressional district...


The U.S. House passed a resolution to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. Nine Republicans voted yes:

Beutler, Cheney, Fitzpatrick, Gonzalez, Katko, Kinzinger, Mace, Meijer, Upton.

Bannon is now expected to be referred to federal prosecutors, but the ensuing legal battle could play out over months or even years.

The vaccine protest by Southwest employees cost Southwest airlines 75 million dollars this October.

Bravo !!!!!! Keep fighting the tyranny !
Not Washougal though. They are going full steam ahead making sure your children are called oppressors and telling them they have white privilege.
Forwarded from Stew Peters 📢🇺🇸
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🚨 BREAKING TODAY on The Stew Peters Show: Prosecutors have accepted MURDER CHARGES, will prosecute a school employee that jabbed a child who later died!