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SunVox 2.0e (bug fixes);
Pixilang 3.8.2b (updated SunVox engine).
The deadline has been extended to March 22 due to user requests.
SunVox Compo 2022.02 voting has begun! The last voting day is April 1.
Download the votepack (47 tracks and player): http://warmplace.ru/compo/sunvox/2022.02/SunVox%20Compo%202022.02.zip
Rate the songs: https://forms.gle/9Dmu6k5G2CXxM3xh9
Fractal Bits 1.1b is out!
What is new:
* new parameters (can be linked to MIDI or used directly in AU hosts):
* Algorithm: fractal sample (default), fractal spectrum, FM, random; increases number of unique sounds to 12 billion;
* Previous code;
* Next code;
* bug fixes.
SunVox for beginners: the basics
SunVox for beginners: making a track from scratch