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Conscious Content, Podcasts, & Illustrations. Creator of Divinitive Decks my artist Eric Tecce.

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Been churning out dozens of Illustrations like this Fly Agaric Mushroom & will be posting them all to the Waking Canvas Patreon page throughout the week. Lots more on the way & even more exciting wonders to illustrate into being. πŸ„ #AmanitaMuscaria #Illustration
Winter’s timbers brings harmony to the soul. A path into nature will heal all wonders to realign with the natural tones & frequency that will fractally express your potential. The refuel accounts for the clearest & truest, and will assist o manifest your heart’s desires. You a an infinite being, and should be one with nature fellow forest spirits. 🌿 This #Winter #Tree #Illustration was inspired by one along some recent back woods forest wanders. The roots caught my eyes and I felt drawn to explore its unique being. Grow tall & mighty, for your passionate endeavors will express what truly creates tomorrow. πŸ™πŸΌ
The #Raven πŸŒ™ The sun eater. Eye of the moon.. βœ¨πŸ‘βœ¨ #Illustration #WakingCanvas
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Morel Mushrooms are the brainiest. πŸ‘ #Illustration
You can now purchase prints, apparel, & tapestry featuring the #NikolaTesla #illustration πŸ‘ #WakingCanvas
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