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Autumn beckons us to truly explore our creative potential. Sharing a recent #TarotReading using my travel sized mini deck, #WanderLightTarot to give a pulse on what is being called for the collective. Couldn't help but provide such insight displayed in a beautiful #EarthAltar celebrating this shifting #Equinox season. My self-published 96-card mini deck that includes Planetaries & Elementals is still available in the studio shop, from your truly if you wish to support J welcome it along your Magickal travels 👁 Still considering if I am continuing Monthly #Tarot Readings on the YouTube Channel, but we will see how the month goes and what wonders become known. 🌞 #DarkArtists #DarkArt #OccultArt #OccultArtists #TarotArt #DarkFantasy #Gothic #BlackCat