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This weekend, I had received wonderful news that my illustrated #TarotDecks , #ShadowLightTarot & #WanderLightTarot have been nominated for a number categories in this year's CARTA Awards by the International #Tarot Foundation. The categories are for Best #TarotDeck , Best Illustrator of Tarot Deck, Best Self-Published Deck, and Best Author of Tarot Deck. I am honored to take part & grateful to have my passions considered in this year's Awards nominees. They have opened up public vote for input on top of the judges verdict, which you can participate in by visiting http://VOTE.wakingCANVAS.com 🌿 Thank you everyone who has supported such journeys by welcoming my #Divination Decks along your path. To live my dream is a gift which I will always continue to nurture into being. If you wish to find out more of my #art works or Decks, please check out more details through the link in the bio. Enjoy your weekend & Stay True 👁 #EricTecce #WitchyThings #Magick #GreenWitch #DarkArt #DarkArtists