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Conscious Content, Podcasts, & Illustrations. Creator of Divinitive Decks my artist Eric Tecce.

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A makers wonderland is a precious place filled with the upmost of inspiring desires. Life & beauty speaking to extend the place of the internal world, a las nurturing lush creative expressions. Wander here in these realms and the worlds which wake will set fourth #magick & wonder straight for the spirit source. Find your potential and set it free. 🌿 Featured above are new #EarthCrafts in blossom for @TaurianSpirits arranged on our freshly built window desk we upcycled. Bless the home with wonder! 👁
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Had the opportunity to vendor at the Spiritual & Holistic Expo in Allentown, PA over the weekend. It was a beautiful synchronistic experience and for our first booth, it opened up many doors for us. I'm ever grateful to express art into being, but to connect and share it in person provides a whole new community to connect to. Thank you everyone who helped take part in such a wonderful flow of #Magick 👁 #Tarotcards are #ShadowLightTarot & #WanderLightTarot , #DreamGardens & #Crystal #Earthcrafts by the talented @TaurianSpirits 🌿