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Libra Season signals the balance of forces. As we enter from one realm to another, bringing new light into being. 🌿 #Astrology #Libra #WakingCanvas
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The zodiacal wheel, a archetypal resonance of the light of stars. #Astrology #WakingCanvas
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PRESENT #ASTROLOGY :: Currently we are experiencing a Sagittarius Sun square a Pisces Mars, allowing for quite a burst of energy for those who know how to work with the heat. Remember to breathe as well, for the stillness will also fill the spirit for new inspiration. 🌞 This particular transit is hitting home for myself as the exact square carries into my natal sun. In Astrologer Speak, it will be my 28th Solar Return, or commonly known as Birthday. With the Decks & Boxes arriving this week, the transit certainly has me eager to finally see #ShadowLightTarot arrive at the studio. We will be feeling a familiar tone as we fade from a Mars Square Sun to a Uranus Square Sun later in the week. Wonders await, so we will discover the magick soon enough that is in store for future present happenings. Until then, remember to Stay True πŸ‘
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A peak inside the Visual Companion Guidebook available with every deck of #ShadowLightTarot πŸ‘ It truly explores a wide variety of symbolism in both the #Tarot as well as other topics such as #Astrology & #Runes πŸŒ™ With the #TarotDeck still weeks from release, I have made it available as a download for both Patreon supporter & all backers of the deck’s Kickstarter. I very much look forward to each & everyone of you who will discover the #magick found in this cover to cover hand illustrated mini #Grimoire 🌿
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Today we are presented with a conjunction between #Saturn & our central Sun, both in Capricorn. This transit amplifies the importance of hard work, discipline, and patience to fulfill the responsibilities life has granted us. As with any harvest, the work you put in will show through Saturn’s presence. Long awaited recognition will shine itself during this period to those who have continued to push forward & invest in the longer term picture of growth & structure. This time also will bring to awareness any structures that need your attention, to clear any rot which no longer serves us to better strengthen our foundations. As this is a very straight forward energy, we are able to take a practical approach to many of the goals we wish to achieve or align to. Take this time to briefly reflect where the extra responsibility is being asked of you, and weight out what is truly important to carry forward. πŸ‘ #Astrology #WakingCanvas
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The small worlds of #WanderLightTarot - a traveled sized 96 card deck featuring the traditional #Tarot , Elementals & planetary #Astrology cards 🌿
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