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🎉 Taels are now being utilized in more than 300 cities! 🎉
Another real-world adoption milestone for the Tael token has been achieved: customers in over 300 cities have bought Techrock-protected products, with each consumer now holding and utilizing Tael for purchases and acquiring more through scanning of our labels.

By on-boarding quality products through our agreements with the likes of Nestlé, Nature’s Care, our partnership with Rakuten, and our progress in the MUFG Accelerator, we foresee a significant expansion of our customer base as we move forward with their support.

More sales means more Tael held by everyday consumers. We're seeing exceptional traction and you can follow the progress yourself through our Adoption page:

Our new version of the Techrock marketplace on WeChat is now live!

Visit our WeChat store, catered specifically to our target market in China.

Social application WeChat has more than 1 billion daily active users (accounting for roughly 15% of the world's population), thousands of which have already purchased Techrock-protected products and have become automatic Tael holders.

All products featured in the store are secured with our anti-counterfeit label, in collaboration with brands such as Nestlé, Nature's Care, Oz Farm, and soon Rakuten.

Additionally, as of next week we’ll begin sending out prizes for the Tael Play & Win competition, many of which include our anti-counterfeit labels.

We encourage recipients to share footage of real-world blockchain technology usage and share their experience with the community as they utilize our labels.

Tael is being used by more and more mainstream customers every day. Make sure to check out our adoption page to watch our growth as it happens:


Stay tuned!
Techrock awarded status of ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’ by State’s Consumer Body.🎖

Please read our full article for details: http://bit.ly/30ToGig

▶️ Event coverage footage by CCTV (China Central Television) included in the full article: https://youtu.be/WKyKVEmWkD4

▶️ Techrock inducted by the China Quality Promotion Association (CAQP), supervised by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

▶️ Techrock is the first company in China awarded 'Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’ status by China’s official consumer body.

▶️ Beijing event featured speakers from and written strategic cooperation agreements with attendants, including Development Center for Science and Technology, National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Chinese Association of Market Development IoT Industry Working Committee, and more than 30 additional government officials.

▶️ Liu Zhaobin, president of CAQP, bestowed commemorative plaque cementing the collaboration intended to ‘promote quality developments while bringing authentic goods to communities’.

This event is a promising leap forward for our position in China, providing us official recognition and credibility to further grow our consumer base. 📈

We thank you all for your continued support in these exciting times!
BNB (Binance Coin) x Tael

New integration: BNB can now be used to purchase all products protected with our blockchain-based anti-counterfeit technology.

The Techrock marketplace has successfully integrated Binance Coin (BNB) as a payment system. Every BNB used is converted into Tael, increasing net demand for the Tael (WABI) token. This is another big win for real-world blockchain adoption, and benefits both the utility of Tael & BNB moving forward.

This development is another Q2 milestones achieved: implement Tael payment system with other blockchain tokens. You can visit our WeChat Store and use BNB to purchase our safe products.

See Tael’s growth for yourself on our Adoption Page.
🎥 Tael explained in under 2 minutes

Our new explainer video is a great introduction to the Tael token and ecosystem, making it easy to explain real-world blockchain usability to friends and family.

It all starts with our cutting edge technology and ends with the explanation of our loyalty point dynamics, exemplified by the customer journey 📱 of Mrs. Wang and the logistics transparency 📦 of our solution.

Want to read more about our ecosystem? Our in-depth articles 📚 aim to guide you through every aspect:
(1) Business model
(2) Our two blockchains
(3) Actors in our ecosystem
(4) Tael demand and supply

Feel free to share the video through Telegram, Twitter, and beyond. Help contribute to real-world blockchain adoption 🎉

Find the video on Vimeo here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/343197769

Tael. Protecting products that need it most.
This Is Why Our Partners Have a Strategic Advantage utilizing Tael.

Select organizations collaborating with Tael are now able to read and contribute to the Techrock Blockchain through our customized dashboards & block explorer. Every shipment can be easily and uniquely tracked 📦 while presenting valuable behavioral data. 📊📈

1. Providing a direct connection between consumer & company.
2. Extensive behavioral data exclusive to our platform.
3. Untamperable NFC anti-counterfeit solution, as opposed to unsecure QR codes.
4. Recognized by the official Consumer Body of China.

Read more here: https://medium.com/@Taelpay/this-is-why-our-partners-have-a-strategic-advantage-utilizing-tael-6b0435543e4d

With this Q2 milestone achieved, we’ve made it even more attractive for other companies to accept Tael and join our ecosystem to gain vital marketing and logistics information.
Tael’s Q2 in review & a look at Q3:
Readying for mass adoption.

We’ve reached the mid-point of 2019, leaving a list of achieved milestones in our wake. Find out why we believe we are on the verge of mass adoption in our report:


This quarter's highlights include:
✔️ Announcing our on-going partnership with Rakuten, Nestlé, Nature's Care
✔️ Creating a custom Enterprise blockchain explorer (non-public)
✔️ Expanding to over 250 cities
✔️ Adding P2P Social functionality to increase our consumer base

With so much more to come in Q3!
Find out what’s in store for Tael in the coming months in our latest article: http://bit.ly/2xtVwst
Tael in Japan: Mitsubishi UFJ Business Accelerator opens up many new business opportunities🤝

Our business development in Japan has been bolstered significantly and we’d like to keep our community abreast of some of the leads we’re currently pursuing in Japan:

💊 Pharmaceutical products
Talks with a major Japanese pharmaceutical company about applying our unique anti-counterfeit technology onto their OTC drugs for cross-border commerce.

💸 Integration across nations and currencies
Collaboration with a major Japanese company to run a Proof of Concept that includes the testing of atomic swap in view of future points (Tael) integration.

🍶Japan-based partnerships
Cooperation with a major Japanese advertising agency to further grow Techrock & Tael awareness, and working on a partnership with a Japanese company to protect authentic Japanese sake.

Discover more developments in Japan here: http://bit.ly/329ngRo

Exciting times are ahead 🙌
Rakuten has taken its first step in our on-going partnership by selling their products in the Tael ecosystem!

Only 3 ecommerce platforms in China 🇨🇳 were chosen for such a collaboration:

the Tael ecosystem

Our ecosystem provides a unique value advantage over the competition
: ours is the only platform on which consumers can authenticate their Japanese products, gain Tael rewards, and utilize the loyalty token for additional purchases. 🏷

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2Y2WX03

Make sure to keep your eyes on our Website as we continue to add and sell more products every day, creating an increasing amount of mainstream Tael holders!
Tael team expansion & job opportunities 👩‍💼👨‍💼

We’ve just expanded the Tael team with three programmers, an additional designer, and brought aboard an admin & operations manager.

We’re happy to welcome Hongchao, Yuzu, Zex and Lijia!

The team keeps growing. Check out our dev, product, and marketing vacancies here:
Take Tael’s one-minute survey. 📋

Here's your chance to help Tael grow by giving us your opinion in our short survey.

Simply click here: http://bit.ly/2JFhBeB
Adoption milestone reached 📈:
Over 10,000 mainstream consumers are earning and utilizing Tael in their daily lives with every purchase and every scan. 📱

Tael’s usage requires no technical know-how, allowing everyday consumers to earn and spend their tokens effortlessly. You can follow our growth in real-time here: https://taelpay.com/