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VuFi is an algorithmic elastic supply stable coin that aims to introduce more stability in cryptocurrency markets for the average user. This innovative collateral-backed stable coin uses the dollar inflation rate as the target price, which enables traders
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What is DeFi 2.0?

To grasp what DeFi 2.0 is, we must first examine DeFi, what the movement has accomplished thus far and what issues remain to be addressed, as well as how this new generation of DeFi protocols fits into the current ecosystem.

The ambition to create decentralised alternatives to traditional financial instruments and markets is at the heart of the concept for the various DeFi products. Compound, Aave MakerDAO, and Uniswap have all been able to take advantage of the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts to deliver a variety of novel financial services to a wide spectrum of consumers. The main goal is to democratise finance, removing the industry's reliance on regulators, banks, and other intermediaries.

The problem posed by that vision is ensuring that there is adequate liquidity to drive properly functioning markets even in the absence of middlemen such as banks. DeFi systems often rely on liquidity mining pools to offer the assets needed for automated trading.

However, this presents a new issue. Because DeFi systems rely on third-party providers for liquidity, they must encourage such providers. This occurs as a result of liquidity mining reward programmes, in which liquidity providers are rewarded with tokens in exchange for lending out assets. This has shown to be a quick and successful way of obtaining liquidity, however the issue is that liquidity providers are primarily driven by token payouts and may abandon a system if those rewards run out.

This is one of the issues addressed by DeFi 2.0 protocols, which aim to put protocols in charge of their own liquidity. But it's more than that.

Unlike the earlier generation of DeFi apps, which were geared toward users, the newcomers have a distinct B2B focus. DeFi 2.0 goods capitalise on the fact that the first generation of DeFi products successfully bootstrapped the industry by establishing an initial user base and developing the crucial DeFi primitives that future manufacturers can now employ to construct the next wave of DeFi apps. And the purpose of this new generation of DeFi goods is to safeguard the sector's long-term viability.

The sector's reliance on third-party providers and token incentives to secure liquidity, as well as DeFi's essentially non-existent correlation with traditional finance and the global economy, are the key problems now preventing the sector from becoming sustainable.

The fundamental purpose of DeFi 2.0 and beyond is to address these issues.
Sustainable liquidity

Some of the DeFi 2.0 movement's pioneers are focused on developing methods for long-term liquidity. OlympusDAO, a protocol that intends to build a decentralised reserve currency, is one such pioneer.

The system uses a bonding mechanism to sell its native token OHM at a discount, which pays out the discount to buyers over a five-day period. Users can purchase OHM using single crypto assets such as DAI and ETH, as well as liquidity provider (LP) tokens that reflect OHM trading pairs such as OHM-DAI and OHM-WETH. This is how OlympusDAO is able to control its own liquidity. According to reports, OlympusDAO now owns over 99.5 percent of its own liquidity.

OlympusDao also employs OHM staking, which helps to alleviate selling pressure on the token.

OlympusDao just announced Olympus Pro, a tool that allows other DeFi protocols to use the bonding mechanism to gain their own liquidity, demonstrating DeFi 2.0's B2B focus.

Tokemak, another DeFi 2.0 project, takes a different approach to the problem. Every crypto asset in Tokemak is held in its own pool, nicknamed a reactor. Meanwhile, holders of TOKA, the protocol's native token, act as "liquidity directors," voting on where liquidity should flow. Tokemak intends to establish a decentralised market making protocol with this concept.
Empowering DAOs

Building protocol-controlled value mechanisms is one way DeFi 2.0 is expected to assist DAOs, but the movement's founders believe it will not be the only method. Scoopie Truples of Alchemix believes that the new wave of DeFi technologies will generate numerous valuable tools that will enable DAOs compete with companies, reaffirming the movement's B2B focus.

Enabling DAOs to compete effectively with traditional businesses will be a decisive step toward strengthening DeFi’s connection to the broader economy.

Beyond DeFi

This should be DeFi 2.0's overriding goal in the end. The DeFi world is still essentially self-contained today. This is not the case with traditional finance, which is primarily used to benefit the economy as a whole. Sure, the financial industry appears to be disconnected from reality at times, but this isn't always the case. Even the most sophisticated and perplexing derivatives are, in the end, supported by the global economy.

DeFi, on the other hand, remains almost entirely within its own bubble, limiting its scope, user base, liquidity pool, and potential applications. All of this, of course, jeopardises the sector's long-term viability.

Fortunately, several of the most well-known DeFi 2.0 projects are recognising that decentralised finance must be more than just a way to trade crypto assets. Carson Cook of Tokemak discussed many infrastructural layers piled on top of one another on the Bankless podcast, beginning with energy, followed by the Internet layer, the blockchain layer, and finally the liquidity layer. In this regard, he believes protocols like Tokemak to be the Web3 version of Internet service providers, and sees liquidity as the "bandwidth of Web 3."
Risks of DeFi 2.0

Risk is inherent in all forms of innovation, including DeFi and crypto. This appears to be particularly true in the case of DeFi 2.0, which is being built on a base that still has a few glitches to work out? Is DeFi 2.0 a good concept at all?

The general consensus in the industry appears to be that the possible hazards pale in comparison to the benefits that could be realised if DeFi 2.0 technologies are successfully implemented. However, this does not indicate that the risk factors should be overlooked. There are a number of strategies to manage these risks, including educating users, implementing stringent smart contract auditing procedures, and ensuring that failures do not have a negative impact on the broader ecosystem, to name a few.

The DeFi evolution continues

Whether you think of DeFi 2.0 as a generational change in decentralised finance or just a fancy name, one thing is certain: it's another another sign of the DeFi space's continuing progress. More importantly, the types of initiatives that make up the DeFi 2.0 movement show that we've already passed through what is perhaps the most important stage of that evolution: the bootstrapping phase. With that out of the way, DeFi 2.0 projects now have the tools they need to keep pushing decentralised finance forward.
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:tada:We are thrilled to announce our airdrop distribution. :tada:

Who can participate?
All who participated previously in our airdrop campaign and other minigames and memes.

Network: Polygon

Distribution date: 26 Feb 2022 to 28 Feb 2022
🔥 We are thrilled to announce our airdrop distribution. 🔥

Who can participate?
All who previously participated in our airdrop campaign and other minigames and memes.

Network: Polygon

Distribution date: 26 Feb 2022 to 28 Feb 2022
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Hello Community :

CRYPTO City is going to hold an AMA with VuFi Finance in Cryptocity Telegram community.




January 25, 2022

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🗣️We are thrilled to announce that #VUFI Finance Public launch will take place today at 2pm GMT

We will be live in polygon chain

Are you guys ready? 🥳🥳🥳
🗣️We are thrilled to announce that we are now live in Quickswap.

Please follow this link to swap your $VUFIS

🗣️Vufi Gang is giving chance to win $30 worth of Vufi Shares ( or a WL spot that ends in 7 hours! You don't want to miss this chance, so hurry up and participate in the raffle before ends. Join:
Dear #NFTCommmunity,

Our team has made a decision to move our #NFT from #Solana to #Ethereum.

We took into consideration all the pros and cons of these two networks and came to the conclusion that this step will benefit our project and community.

#ETH #NFTs #ethereumNFT

Join VuFi Gang Discord here
🗣️Announcement ☺️

Hello Vufi community, I wanted to give you a development update last week, we worked on:
the dashboard is finished, and we are moving to internal testing. next step, we will invite users for beta
We moved our frontends to AWS our new service provider. If anyone has issues, let me know
We finished contracts and backend for distribution claim and work on finishing frontend.
We were working on a strategy for NFT lending.

For distribution, please wait for announcements. We will first allow distribution winners to check wallets first and the amount, and then we will fully launch everything we expect to launch by Wednesday.

The dashboard is planned to QA this week internally and next with the open beta and then launch
Distribution contract we expect to deploy and frontend with QA by Wednesday, while we still working on decision for the unlock date, you should be able soon check if you are on distribution and able to even update wallet
🗣️ Announcement

We finished frontend today for distribution and currently doing QA, there are small fixes that should be resolved tomorrow,
as well we added another staking mechanism for LP tokens, currently frontend is in development for that part of the functionality.
We doing internal QA for the dashboard where we found a few bugs that the plan is to fix the following week.
🗣️ Announcement

The good news is we deployed everything in order to check your wallet is whitelisted please visit the link below after you connect you should be able to see all information. You still have time to update the wallet address for any issues please open a ticket in the channel #🛠support
This is the only link for claims, mods will never dm you about that.
🗣️ Announcement

You may have issues with trust wallet for any reason not working please use our API as a reference for a temporary solution while we tomorrow investigate the issue. Note: that numbers are in 18 decimals
🗣️ Announcement

Hello guys, update about the dashboard. We fixed most of the issues for frontend and would like you to invite us for beta testing, anyone interested please fill-up the form:
we will give access on Monday, in case we will not find any critical issues we will launch soon there is as well 3 days no issues policy where we freeze code.
🗣️ Announcement

We are happy to announce that VuFi Dashboard is now live 🎉

Go take a look & let us know what you think 👇