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Son of Perdition

When Jesus overturned the tables of the Moneychangers he was directing his anger toward them, but more importantly, Jesus was directing us to see that he was angry with those who gave the Moneychangers permission to be there.

Who gave them permission to be there in the temple?
Dr. Ladapo
The Florida Health Newsroom

January 3, 2024

Google: "these vaccines are not appropriate for use in human beings"

Communications Officer


The Jews are peace loving people. Christians are Peace loving people. Muslims are Peace loving people.

The hate and violence that the world is witnessing in their streets and on their media screens are not these peace loving people.

Zionists are militant from the Synagogue of Satan. Militant Evangelical Christians are evil. Radical Islam is the result of the hijacking of a peaceful religion.

Can you wrap your mind around what the subliminal persuasion cult leaders are doing to World populations in the media and the systems of education?
Stop War

The artificial construct (Matrix) is exposed when fiat paper is more important than people.

Google: "paper is more important than people"

People are waiting. "While people wait for redemption to be delivered to them via an outside source, the destructive machine of modern civilization continues to grind slowly forward towards its inevitable conclusion."
TCN on X
Tucker Carlson
12 hours ago

The Tucker Carlson interview with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin reveals much.

Why does Putin use the word "dollar" to describe trade volume? We know that 100% of Federal Reserve Notes are not redeemable. When a Note is not redeemable it means it has zero value.

Why would anyone use a currency with zero value?

"Edom will be humbled on the day of the Lord in the future. For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen."
Far North

Tucker Carlson talks with Vladimir Putin and nothing said about Turkey.

NATO is in Turkey with nuclear weapons. Turkey Missile Crisis.

Transhumanism is just another form of Communism.
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
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Suspend Temporarily

President Richard Nixon August 15, 1971 announcement. Nixon appointed Harald Malmgren to Special Advisor on Economic Policy in 1972. And now Pippa Malmgren is out propagating the same fraud.

Malmgren Global is in Washington D.C. Baltimore area.

What does Temporarily really mean?

Who gave the land from the River to the Sea to the Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom named Earl Of Balfour Arthur James Balfour who some call Lord Balfour?

And who gave this person permission to give this land from the River to the Sea that some call the land of Palestine, to another owner?

If the Roman conquest of Britain began in earnest in AD 43 (most of England and Wales) and largely completed by AD 87, then did the land from the River to the Sea belong to Emperor Claudius when he decided to invade Britain?

Did the Roman Caesar Emperor Hadrian really rename the land from the River to the Sea from Judah to Judea and then to Syria Palaestina?

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render unto God what belongs to God.
Lou Dobbs was getting 10M views at CNN.

Tucker Carlson is getting over 200M views.

Tucker Carlson
Episode 73
and Episode 75
are paramount.

Mike Benz
The Foundation for Freedom Online

Tucker Carlson
Episode 75

The National Security State defense related publicly funded institutions are attacking Americans daily.
Suspend Temporarily

President Richard Nixon August 15, 1971 announcement. Nixon appointed Harald Malmgren to Special Advisor on Economic Policy in 1972. And now Pippa Malmgren is out propagating the same fraud.

Malmgren Global is in Washington D.C. Baltimore area.

This is the image of the CEO of the 28 USC 3002 United States Federal Corporation attempting to take financial control of the world by controlling the currency supply mechanisms of the world using fake United States fiat paper Federal Reserve Notes that have a value of zero.

What does Temporarily really mean?
Have you watched the video at santaconvoy.com yet?

Ron Johnson
Part 2

ICYMI: Senator Johnson Leads Roundtable Discussion: "Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?"

February 28, 2024


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A Vote for Joe Biden is A Vote for A Microscopic Tag Implant
Forwarded from Write-in Party
We Live in a Republic Where All Authority is Inherent in the People

Sui Juris: The Truth is in the Record

Sui Juris: Getting the Truth in the Record
Fraud in the 2024 Elections

Abraham Lincoln
Proclamation 97
March 1863

by Dr. David Clements
The "Crime of 1933" has led us to 2024 as explained in Tucker Carlson Episode 88 Interview

Who is in control over the Executive Branch of the U.S.? The 1934 Bankers Coup Revisited.

Tucker Carlson Episode 88 answers the question: Ep. 88 - Is Speaker of the House Mike Johnson being blackmailed to do the bidding of the left? It certainly seems that way. His colleague, Marjorie Taylor Greene, explains

Search for:
"crime of 1933"
Forwarded from No Agenda Ghetto
Oil the Shields

Who besides Muslims spread rugs just before the battle?

"Look up"
Tucker Carlson
Episode 91

The modern secular State of Israel is not the same as the Jewish people of Israel in the Bible.

If your Christian faith requires you to support a government that is blowing up churches and killing Christians, rethink what you believe.

There are Christians in Vietnam. Iraq. Syria. Ukraine. Gaza.
Digital Euro

Helicopter Money Will Be Spent

Direct cash transfers to Eurocitizens.

Google: helicopter site:positivemoney.eu

It is not money. Lol