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2016 Third Party Presidential Debate
Do you think RT America did a good thing holding the 2016 Third Party Presidential Debate?
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The Millennial Interview: American Events

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June 2019
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I saw and wrote about the 2007-2008 financial crisis before 2008.

As you read this today, I see and am writing about the 2019-2020 financial crisis.
Do you want a U.S. President that will be honest with the American people?
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Absolutely YES
"Ignorance is the root cause of all Evil. Since only Knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our duty and moral obligation to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us."
- Anonymous
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An Open Source Candidate for POTUS with a desire to expand human Freedom. Fear of our government is not Freedom.

Freedom is not a Left vs Right issue. Freedom is not a Republican vs Democrat issue. All Americans desire Freedom.

No prohibition.

You can often listen to me pontificating about Freedom in America in the form of Voluntaryism at the No Agenda Rountable Meetup on Jitsi on Sunday.

I will never ask for a speaking fee.
Google: "reasonable expectation of inflation"

Tell me what does this mean to you?
The Book of the 21st Century
A Hope for A Call for Justice
Reclaim Our Data
An International Opposition Movement
You Have A Voice
Help the American People Give Edward Snowden A Fair Trial
Trevor Noah
Reform of America's broken campaign finance system cannot wait.