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Forwarded from Voices4Choices
Q&A with other Doctors Against Mandates Panel 🎫Join to hear why our Doctors are fighting the QLD Chief Health Officers Covid Mandates in the Supreme Court.

Doctors demanding the Science! They are fighting for us and need our support.
FREE event. RSVP. hotline@amps.asn.au
Tea, Coffee and Biscuits available for gold coin donation.

sign declaration; https://amps.redunion.com.au/healthreformdeclaration

support https://www.doctorsagainstmandates.com/
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Novak Djokovic appears to be all clear to play US Open. 🙌
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10 mins 20
Dr William Bay.
Today could have been his last day as a practicing Doctor 👨‍⚕️
I'm going to this on Tuesday 23rd August. Get there at 615pm.
This movie might helps sway some votes away from Daniel Andrews, it's important we support it if we can.
Tickets are the price of a normal movie - $25/each - https://events.humanitix.com/battleground-melbourne-premiere
A friend just asked me 'how are you feeling today?’

and I replied with;

'like a ripe mango that was glistening on the tree ready to be of service, but now I'm on the ground and concerned a crow is about to peck me as some ants just broke through my skin.' hahaha,

he wrote back and said;

I am rather like the perfect winter stew slaved over and given great opportunity to serve my purpose, but on the way to the kitchen table I have been dropped and am now floor stew.. silently listening to contemplation to go get McDonalds instead of rescuing me..


Forwarded from USMortality (Ben)
71M Americans have so far refused the new and experimental #COVID19 vaccines.
Tyson Illingworth is a DJ and music producer with an interesting pandemic experience. After feeling like the pandemic was following him from city to city, he finally made it home to Australia to enjoy a few weeks of normal before everything was shut down. His life has looked different since his vaccine injury, but he is optimistic for the future and hopes to continue to make improvements in his health.

Some questions for my American friends. Please forgive my ignorance.

There is a video of the President of the USA lying to the American people about inflation being at 0% in July.

- The only major indicator heading towards zero is Biden's approval rating and the American publics faith in their political system.

- Why would Biden's team (of nurses) push him to say this, when they just hustled for their $750 Billion 'Inflation Reduction Act'?

- Why is Biden's team trying to spend and tax their way out of inflation, when historically that simply does not work?

- Hours before Biden's speech, federal Consumer Price Index data showed annual inflation dipping only slightly to 8.5%, still close to a four-decade high.

- Why did the existing administration attempt to swerve around the fact they are wading through a recession, when any economist can see quite transparently all the data for themselves?

- my main gripe with Biden and the USA is quite simple, how can this man (who clearly has dementia) be seen as 'fit' for office? Last week Biden was seen trying to shake hands with a seemingly invisible man twice. He is clearly mentally not well. He can't even read the teleprompter! Why hasn't the 25th amendment been used and is it not a perfect opportunity for the Democrats to have a female President like they have always wanted?

*Australia is just as lost, divided and lacking leadership.

I think we all know what needs to happen in the USA though. Joe needs to go. I cannot believe he is still there, literally representing the free world every time he opens his mouth.

We know they are lying.
They know they are lying.
They know that we know they are lying.
We know that they know we know they are lying.
And still they continue to lie.
— Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Forwarded from Dr Mike Yeadon
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Dear all,
I’ve said it a few times before & each time it’s been true. This may be the most important message I’ve ever sent.

This 2 minute video from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi describes completely what has happened, why it threatens the future of free humanity & what is demanded of the medical profession.


It cannot but result in autoimmune attack upon every tissue in your body reached by the injections. The more injections, the greater the assault on the body.


Two minutes isn’t too much to ask anyone to listen to.

Sucharit is a gentle man, completely honest & very experienced. He was professor of microbiology at University of Mainz, Germany, for many years prior to his retirement. I regard him as a friend as well as colleague.

Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon

Ps: individual responses vary. It’s therefore not valid to say “I’ve been injected & I’m fine, therefore this is bunk”.

👉 https://t.me/DrMikeYeadon
Vaccine efficacy statements timeline:
1. It stops the spread!
2. OK, it doesn't stop it, but it slows it significantly.
3. OK, it slows it moderately.
4. OK, it slows it.
5. OK, OK, listen, it slows it somewhat, alright?
6. It slows it probably maybe somewhat I think...
7. Alright, it doesn't slow it, but the symptoms cannot be harsh!
8. OK, the symptoms can still be harsh.
9. OK whatever! You're still antivaxers and should be banned from teh society!

What's next? "The vaccine does not cause serious long term damage, we're almost sure of it, maybe!”

Scientific fact: the vaccines are 100% effective at stopping the spread of freedom and human rights.
Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
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The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated: A 100K Thank You to the Citizen Heroes of Our Time

If you had the courage to resist vaccination or speak out against the mandates, I want to offer you my deepest gratitude. Thanks to your bravery and the millions alike, we’ve been spared from the gulags and have the powers that be on the ropes.

There’s much more progress to be made, and we will get there in time, but when you look back at where we were then and where we are now, there is no doubt that WE ARE WINNING!

Read My Full Article on Substack

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I’m feeling very frustrated tonight. When I started speaking out, my untested assumption was that, as people heard me, some at least & ESPECIALLY medical & scientific colleagues, mostly the retired ones, would jump to their feet, outraged, and join in.

Regret to tell you that it’s because of cowardly senior doctors, to this very day, that the murderous globalists are continuing to make ground. They must be stopped. Must. We don’t have much longer, imo. If not know, when?

Senior doctors, perhaps late-50s & up, won’t lose their homes or even need much to tighten their belts. Those 60+ could retire early & not be concerned about de-registration by the GMC (AMA in the US). I ask each if the , “If not you, who?”

Even now, I personally know & know of numerous medical staff in multiple countries who are saying nothing.

I’ve implored them to recognise that they’re the ONLY people who have any chance of pushing back. They simply won’t.

So, please check everything you’re told by doctors. I’m not alleging incompetence but sheer lack of interest in your wellbeing over their own.

In short, if the question is, will they choose to keep their jobs & money at the cost of your health & life, the jury is in.

Just look at the gene based “vaccines”. They’re STILL not walking out en masse. No, they continue to count their shoelaces.

I know that, everywhere, there are some good people, including good senior doctors. Some have spoken out & been attacked.

Most have simply done nothing.

That this is still true 19months after “vaccination roll out” is horribly instructive.

Rant over.


Ps: I can only assume that the inability to remain silent when something seriously wrong is going on around a person is innate. It’s not intelligence & it’s certainly not traditional physical courage (I’m poorly supplied with that). Perhaps it’s wilful stubbornness. I was definitely like this as a child. Generally cooperative, if anyone tried to get me to do something which crossed my personal red lines, you’d have had to kill me, I simply never ever gave in. It’s not saintly, I just cannot do it. As someone more eloquent than me said, “What would I be, if I went along with things I knew were SERIOUSLY wrong?”