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The bull market has been very distracting for us and we hope you bought tokens that were being accumulated (SNX, KNC, LINK, LEND, ANT).

We will be back with even more and better features than before! Stay tuned. 💪
#Binance futures and #FTX have become a big part of this rally and we will be covering more of such instruments.

#Binance whales scalping every $LINK move in profit in the past week

Data: Binance top traders long vs short position ratio
We have rolled out more powerful tools for more instruments, more exchanges to help you make better trades. Check out:

For those asking how to access this #LINK chart instead of using Binance's page, URL is below (best viewed on desktop):
Abnormally large increase in open interests on $ETH seen across exchange and instruments

#Bitmex #Huobi #Okex #FTX #Binance #ByBit
$LINK - A dwindling limited supply on sell-side combined with a strong meme-driven community.

Imagine XRP army but without Ripple Inc dumping 1 billion XRP on OTC market every month.
Bitfinex margin traders are more bullish on #ETH than #BTC (in terms of percentage of margin long / margin total).
Abnormally large increase in open interests on $ETH seen across exchange and instruments #Bitmex #Huobi #Okex #FTX #Binance #ByBit
#ETH whales have already exited their longs (from ~$400) in profit at the top (~$430) on Bitmex, Huobi & Okex.

Those expecting a big liquidation dump on #ETH likely to be disappointed.
After 10 days of $ETH price slowly grinding down together with open interest, any small increase in OI can trigger a big move in $ETH.
Update: #Huobi top traders sadly decided not to hold their $ETH longs - with ample lead-lag effect between the position data and price.
Top performing $BTC options on #Deribit today:
BTC-26AUG20-11625-P +264.7%

Although options may be less liquid than perps, the volatility far exceeds the bid-ask spread.
👀 $BTC OI rises as price dumps
Futures with the biggest % drop in open interests in last 24h: $AMPL $LEND $WAVES $OMG $KAVA $MATIC $SXP

On the other hand, futures with big OI increase in the last 24h have held up well, with daily returns still in the green: $TRX $BAND $OKB $EXCH $BNB
Big open interest (+$5M) entered into #LINK at $11 at Binance Futures. Bullish sign for #LINK if $11 can hold.