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Official VICE Token Pre Entry Portal
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👑 Welcome To The Official VICE | VICEx Entry Portal 👑

Follow the steps below and go through the Verification Process to be able to join the group.

Step 1:
Click the "Tap to Verify" button below!

Step 2:
A new page will open after completing step 1.
Press "Start" at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:
You will now be prompted to complete a 3-step puzzle.
After successful completion, you will be given a temporary invite link to join the Official VICE Telegram group.

⚠️ No one on our team will ever inbox you first to assist you. Please do not send your wallet information / seed phrase to anyone who claims to be on the VICE team. Be vigilant and suspicious of any inbox messages you receive from unknown contacts. ⚠️

Please feel free to contact an admin or moderator directly with any queries or questions.