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In these presidential elections, we will cover the build-up, visit polling centers, talk to voters and provide live updates. Everything you need to stay away from the dishonest corporate media coverage.

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"If I put a gun to your head and demanded you give me all your money or else you’ll die, it would be an aggravated robbery. If I tricked you into giving me all your money by luring you to join my pyramid scheme, it would also be a robbery but without the obvious trauma. One is blunt violence, the other is manipulation, but both have the same criminal purpose.

If we extrapolate those scenarios to how US imperialism coerces other nations to achieve regime change and steal their resources, the first example would be called “hard power” (gun to your head), and the second “soft power” (seduce you, earn your trust, use it against you). They are two sides of the same coin used to achieve the same desired outcome."

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Three people died, at least five are missing and 25,000 were affected after devastating floods swept through Cumanacoa town, Sucre state, following the passing of Hurricane Beryl off the Venezuelan coast.

On Wednesday, Maduro commissioned a plan to build and repair all the damaged houses through Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission (GMVV) and charged Housing and Habitat Minister Ildemaro Villarroel with organizing a people-led task force for the reconstruction.

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The Coporo Indígena community in Apure, Venezuela, maintains its traditions and communal land practices despite violence and the US blockade. Recently, they welcomed 18 families displaced by violence, showing the strength of their communal ties.

'In Pumé society, we all work together and share the little that we have: shelter, water, and other goods, while the care of the community and the land is everybody’s task,' said Gladys García, spokesperson for the Coporo Indígena Communal Council.

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Incumbent Nicolás Maduro and opposition challenger Edmundo González saw supporters come out en masse in Caracas as the campaign officially began ahead of the July 28 presidential vote.

There are 10 candidates running. Both Maduro and González have expressed confidence in victory.

Report + photos:

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With the Venezuelan presidential elections fast approaching, Venezuelanalysis members José Luis Granados Ceja and Andreína Chávez Alava discussed a range of topics, from imperialist soft power to corporate media propaganda.

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María Corina Machado’s disqualification has led to Edmundo González Urrutia stepping in as her surrogate for the Venezuelan presidential race. This move highlights the complexities within the opposition and the broader global trend of far-right movements.

Steve Ellner draws a portrait of this key opposition leader and her surrogate.

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Venezuelan officials are on high alert after claims of far-right sabotage attempts surfaced.

"It is a neo-Nazi policy to destabilize the country," said Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab. Defense Minister Padrino vows to protect the election process, while Attorney General Saab investigates the allegations.

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🎙 A special episode of the Venezuelanalysis Podcast is now available!

VA members José Luis Granados Ceja and Andreína Chávez Alava discuss soft power, cultural imperialism and corporate media propaganda ahead of Venezuela's presidential elections.

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In 2018, Venezuelan campesinos staged an "admirable march" to demand answers against landowner violence and other issues in the countryside.

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In the Venezuelan plains region, a multi-generational group of women works to build Bolivarian socialism amid the US blockade.

Nacidos para Vencer con Chávez [Born to Triumph with Chávez] is a women-led commune in a rural context with a long history of patriarchal oppression. This fledgling commune seized upon Chávez’s idea as a way forward in difficult times, attempting to build community and increase production, while connecting with other communes through the Communard Union.

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Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA has sought alliances with private partners in its efforts to raise crude output, which hit a new five-year high in June. Meanwhile, the Petrocabimas project has sparked controversy after private company Globalable announced plans to boost production, only for present minority stakeholder Suelopetrol to deny the sale of its shares.

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In 2015, the US imposed harsh unilateral coercive measures on Venezuela, labeling it an "unusual and extraordinary threat." These measures were intensified by Trump and continued by Biden. Solidarity activist Roger Harris examines the background and high stakes ahead of Venezuela's July 28 presidential election.

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🧵The competition is fierce, but when it comes to blatant, dishonest propaganda about Venezuela there is always an outlet that stands out: the ineffable Guardian. Join us on this journey into the ugly depths of bad journalism.

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In the lead-up to the Venezuelan presidential elections, President Maduro warned of alleged violent plots by the opposition and reinforced his campaign focus on mass demonstrations and direct voter engagement. Over the weekend, he also promised support to campesino movements through new credit and fuel supply programs.

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For years, the Venezuelan opposition and the corporate media have spread "fraud" claims about the Venezuelan elections. But how credible are they? We look at the Venezuelan electoral system and its safeguards in this video.

On July 28, Venezuelans will head to the polls in a pivotal moment in the country's history.

This infographic provides an in-depth look at the electoral landscape, detailing essential facts and figures, an overview of Venezuela’s electoral system, and profiles of the 10 candidates vying for the presidency.

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With the Venezuelan presidential elections approaching, President Maduro has accused the opposition of alleged sabotage following an incident in Falcón state, while María Corina Machado has instructed her supporters on election day protocols.

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Venezuela’s upcoming presidential election raises the issue of US meddling in Latin America. Carlos Ron, who heads the vice ministry for North America and the Simón Bolívar Institute, talks about the Monroe Doctrine and the Bolivarian alternative promoted by Venezuela.

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