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Yesterday, @Platypusdefi released their much anticipated voting gauges. So, what does it mean for Vector?

πŸ”¨ Custom UI built for Vector users
πŸ€‘ Bribe revenue for LVTX voters
πŸ”’ New & improved $VTX locker design

Learn more in the Medium article below!πŸ‘‡
We are excited to announce that our site is now updated with the many things we have been brewing... so, what's new?

- Voting page is LIVE
- New locker is released (if you have Locked VTX, please migrate it!)
- Fees & revenue sharing implemented for bonus token rewards (xPTP and LVTX now receive these bonus rewards)
- Bribe rewards from the past week were distributed to Locked VTX holders. Note that when you migrate, it autoclaims these rewards
- Staking has been depreciated, APR will be 0!
- Compound button currently stakes your VTX. Users will soon have the ability to lock VTX when they compound if they choose to do so

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to a mod or team member in Discord.
New pool, who dis? 🀩 Our $BUSD / $AVAX pool for @traderjoe_xyz is live: start earning that $veJOE boosted APR on now!
Are you ready for a protocol stats update? WE ARE! 🀩

Check out the below 🧡for the latest stats on Vector πŸ‘‡
Today we're pushing a change to our Compound function. You'll now be able to choose how those rewards are utilized.

- You're now able to choose whether JOE and PTP are converted/staked or claimed to your wallet.
- You can also choose if your xPTP or zJOE rewards are staked or claimed to your wallet.
- We'll soon be making an update that allows you to choose whether your VTX is claimed to your wallet or locked. (Until that upgrade is in place it will be sent to your wallet). You'll be compounding into locked VTX soon!
- You're now able to claim the rewards from voting bribes using the compound feature. Those will be sent to your wallet (as YETI, QI, etc.) No more having to claim those separately.

When compounding your choice will be remembered by the app on a browser and per wallet basis. Once you set it, you can forget it!
Overall these changes are meant to make compounding a one-touch event and one that fits your individual needs.
Vector team keeps building! We've just updated our "Compound" button so you can take your rewards and trade them for locked VTX.

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The American holiday of Thanksgiving is today! πŸ¦ƒ It's a time for family and friends to get together, eat, and be thankful.

Grateful for the @avalancheavax community and our supporters today!