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vDinar is a local southern slavic cryptocurrency available to everyone.

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Markopolo is active again! Sorry for the inconvenience.
Markopolo's database is being updated from scratch on users' request to achieve better results after eventual blocks having been read twice during our previously stated issues, please take in mind this could take several hours to load the whole vDinar blockchain!
Blockchain loading completed: on-new-block synchronization scripts are running again!
Markopolo's bug fixed (last block's transactions not loading synchronously).
Svarog Pool had a momentaneous slowdown and got restarted: everything is running smoothly again!
Happy new year from vDinar!
vDinar's wallet code has been updated to support OpenSSL >= 1.1!
Several compiling warnings have also been fixed and blockchain checkpoints have been updated.
All these changes, now available on GitHub, will soon be part of vDinar 2.2!

Happy birthday vDinar!
On this day, two years ago, vDinar 1.0 became available on GitHub!
⚠️⚠️⚠️ vDinar is now using vCrypt 11 (2048)

A reminder of the new mining options you'll have to use:

Depending on your mining software (Svarog, Triglav or Veles) the new start options from block 420'480 may vary:


Algorithm name on Svarog changes to vcrypt:2048 (2048 being 2^N, or 2^11). Therefore, the new algorithm option will look like:
-a vcrypt:2048
--algo vcrypt:2048


On Triglav you can choose different ways of displacing for the new N factor:

1) By changing the algorithm name with the option:
--algorithm adaptive-n-factor
This algorithm name is already packaged with the new N factor 11.
Remember not to use this for the next N factor change in 2024 though but to either choose method 2 or 3 in this list.

2) [RECCOMENDED] You can add a new N factor option besides the standard algorithm name option:
--algorithm vcrypt --nfactor 11

3) If you want to specify the N factor for a specific pool, no algorithm name changes are needed, but you'll need to add a new option for pool mining:
--pool-nfactor 11


Algorithm name on Veles changes to vcrypt:10 (the N factor is adjusted by 1 in the code). Therefore, the new algorithm option will look like:
-a vcrypt:10
--algo vcrypt:10

If you still have any doubts or aren't sure about anything, feel free to send a private message to @vDinarADM or to participate in our Discord channel!
⚠️ Update! Veles' (Nvidia miner) instructions have been fixed.

Algorithm name on Veles changes to vcrypt:10 (the N factor is adjusted by 1 in the code). Therefore, the new algorithm option will look like:
-a vcrypt:10
--algo vcrypt:10
vDinar v2.2 has just been released!


2.2 changes:
- Fixed sync issue for orphan blocks;
- Upgraded to Qt 5;
- Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1;
- Upgraded to Berkeley DB 18.1.32;
- Upgraded to MiniUPnP 2.1.20191224;
- Substituted obsolete Gitian descriptors with MXE instructions;
- Fixed minor bugs (code, UI and getmininginfo RPC function).
After a small issue with SSL certificates this morning all the VDN-related domains have been restored and are now accessible again!
Happy 3rd birthday vDinar!
vDinar v2.2.1 has just been released!


2.2.1 changes:
- Added leveled synchronization for orphan blocks
- Added Snapcraft support
- Updated checkpoints
- Updated docs for dependencies and Qt 5
- Updated minor details (copyright year)
Svarog notification mails are being optimized! Other technical improvements have been made too.
The K25 fork for the new fees system has been deployed successfully! Solo and pooled mining have both been proven to work with the new block structure.