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Venango County Tea Party Patriots
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Forwarded from Peter Watson

Corman is in bed with the surprise there.

Senator John Gordner made a motion to re-nominate Jake Corman... Democrat Senator Jay Costa seconded the motion.

It was a voice vote, so nothing is on paper. The only audible "no" was Senator Doug Mastriano.

The swamp is deep and the Harrisburg establishment once again proved to us that our voices do not matter. They all need replaced.

Venango County Tea Party Patriots will meet on Saturday, January 22 at Kings Restaurant, 821 Allegheny Blvd in Franklin. The meeting will begin at 9:00 am and those wishing to eat breakfast can come at 8:00 am. Guest speakers for the meeting will be Tami & Kevin Barthen, new owners of the Allegheny River Retreat Center. They will speak on their mission at the ARRC and their connection to the Doug Mastriano campaign for Governor. In addition, Senator Scott Hutchinson will be on hand to bring a Harrisburg update. The public is invited to attend. Seating is limited.
Venango County Tea Party Patriots will meet on Saturday, Feb. 26, at 8:00 am for breakfast with meeting to follow at 9:00 am at Kings Restaurant in Franklin. Guest speaker will be State Representative R. Lee James who will update on the current State budget and other State related issues. Reservations for the Lincoln Day Dinner will be taken. The public is invited to attend.
Will we be silent once again and let this nation go down the road of sin and degradation? This may be the straw.....
Jerry Woods of PA GunOwners is spearheading a Sign & Flag Waving event to welcome the Trucker Convoy on the overpass of 79 on Route 62 in Jackson Center. He is in touch with organizers and will notify of the expected time and date. So stay tuned to these emails, VCTPP Telegram and VCTPP Gab and I'll try to keep everyone informed.
The Sign/Flag Waving Trucker Welcome will take place on Wednesday, March 2 at 10:30 am on the overpass of 79 on Route 62 in Jackson Center. Keep your signs respectful and encouraging. Take lots of pictures and email them to Have Fun!!!!!
Many of you have heard the attacks from Shawn Hannity and Newsmax on Kathy Barnette and are now wondering what's happening. Well, there's a swamp in the Republican party as well as in the Democratic party. She answers all those attacks in this interview with Chris Stigall (in Philly). It's worth 20 min. of your time to hear the truth and fight against the party politics. They think we can't think for ourselves! How dare they!!!! Please listen and share this with Patriots who want "We the People" to overcome the swamp in PA.
Let's prove these Republican chairs wrong. They underestimate the grassroots and the disgust we have for politicians who say one thing and do another. We couldn't care less how much money is spent. Truth is truth. Doug has taken the flack for standing up for fair elections and he will continue to do so. Just ask Shapiro what he plans to do to make elections fair. Then listen for the crickets.....