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For some reasons we still don't know, the Websocket auth server port got closed in the morning. It should work now, sorry for the inconvenience !
Just a reminder: do not buy any cheap "Vape crack" made by X or X. It is available for free at, and some people are trying to make profit off it. The source code for the patcher and the dll's is also available at To run it, you need to drag the client's exe into the Kangaroo Patcher.
Just letting you know, the website launches counter is broken at the moment. The real counter is at 10,904. It is still an amazing number !
Remember "Manthe said let's go, he ain't have to tell us twice"
So, over the past months, Manthe :
1) DDoS'ed our server & website
2) Reported us on all hosts we used (all accounts got suspended...)
3) Updated his products (but not security)

Here is a Strawpoll to know what we will do,

As he's been attacking all our servers, if you want it, we can release the server, it's source & an offline version of it that everyone can run on his computer (so, it cant' be patched)

So far, Vape has been launched 300K+ times !