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Vanilo 3.0 has been shifted a bit from January to February:
Reason: it's gonna support Laravel 9 only, and we wait for the upcoming Laravel 9.0 release (Jan 25)
Vanilo 3 will be PHP 8.0/8.1 and Laravel 9 only, no older versions will be supported
Updates on Product Variants.

Product Variants overview:
The links-based approach: (already implemented part of 3.0)
Master<->Variant approach: (incomplete, part of 3.1 - March)

Let me know your thoughts
Version 3 is scheduled to be released within a day
The news section of the site has been activated:
It is NOT necessary to upgrade to Enum v4, and Vanilo will keep supporting v3 Enums for good.
But, it's good to know