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Forwarded from Dr. Tenpenny
Yet another example of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showing what leadership is through concrete action, rather than talking about what leadership should look like.😎🇺🇸‼️
Over a hundred thousand maskless people (besides the reporters) gathered and enjoyed their lives yesterday at the Texas A&M vs Alabama football game.
These images hamper [their] fear/shamdemic narrative and should be seen by all normies.
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Top Channels to Join on Telegram [Oct 10, 2021]

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🇺🇸 @TrumpRepublicans
🇺🇸 @ThePostMillennial
🇺🇸 @PearFEED (top posts)

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AG Brnovich has started his investigation into the STEAL.

Your voice has been heard.

Good job Attorney General.
Forwarded from Brian Tyson, MD
Forwarded from Qvantti News
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Lentoliikenneasiantuntija Monkey Werx analysoi rokotteista johtuvaa (ei siis säästä kuten valemedia uutisoi) näinä päivinä kärjistynyttä Yhdysvaltojen lentokaaosta
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ITALY 🇮🇹 Truck drivers stand with the port workers and block the port of Genoa Voltri today in protest against covid passports. WWG1WGA 🌎

The Great Awakening