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Forwarded from Luba Yah
Some other testimonies of healing:
We have prayers requests that come to us from relatives of the locals that live in the US. And a few weeks ago we had a specific prayer for healing.

Leny has relatives in the US and her 13 yr old cousin, out of nowhere started having an extreme headache. He was taken to the ER and had to be put to sleep because the medicine was not working.

After doing some tests they saw that he had fluid in his brain, and had to operate right away. The surgery was very risky, they told the parents that the boy may not survive and if he did, he might not walk or be normal.

During the surgery, they discovered a cyst, but they didn’t mess with it because of where it is located. Too much risk.

After the surgery they said that it may take up to four days for him to wake up. But within four days, he woke up, walked talked and was discharged from the hospital. He is not out of the woods yet, but the parents are grateful for the prayers.

Leny said that their relatives in America believe that this is an alive church that prays to real God who responds. This is an amazing testimony and we praise God for working even in families far away.
Forwarded from Luba Yah
2nd part:
Ma few weeks ago Fernando preached, and he usually doesn’t do altar calls especially for healing.

He just knew that he had to do one. Mario’s mom and Ruamy came out to be prayed for. Ruamy had back pains for a while that hadn’t gone away. And ma Julia had colon issues and stomach pain.

On Monday during women’s prayer, ma Julia said that since she was prayed for, she was able to work, eat and do things without pain. She hasn’t had pain since then in her colon.

And Ruamy gave testimony at the men’s prayer that a few days after the prayer his back pain was gone, and hasn’t returned.

Praise God!
Forwarded from Luba Yah
Construction update, they are working on getting the main space for reunion finished. The ceiling already has the three layers of plaster, both the back rooms are finished, and now the stage is being built.

They ware waiting to put in the last layer of plaster on the walls til after the electricity is installed.
Forwarded from Joseph Sawmpi
Construction update, today the workers started concrete walls putty for the interior of the third floor, please remember the rest of the project in your prayers, thank you, everyone, for your supports, God bless!
Привет всем, пожалуйста, поддержите в молитве, Мьянманские военные задержали нашего главного лидера "Г-жа Аунг Сан Су Чжи" и многих других премьер-министров со всех штатов Мьянмы(Бирмы), которые являются главными лидерами Национальной лиги за демократию(НЛД). И наша мобильная связь отрезана от правительства, и мы не знаем, что будет происходить в стране, и все наши граждане боятся жить под контролем военных, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, держите нас в своей молитве о мире.

Hi everyone please support in prayer, Myanmar Military detained our head leader "Daw Aung San Su Kyi" and many other prime ministers from all over the states of Myanmar(Burma) who are the head leaders of the National League for Democracy(NLD). And our mobile phone communication is cut off from the government and we don't know what gonna happen in the country and all our citizens scared to live in under the control of Military, please please keep us in your prayer for peace🇲🇲