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Forwarded from Elvira
Ministry update this week included passing out gospel tracks twice at the local markets. We visited several homes of believers from a church and 4 Buddhist homes where we testified and brought them rice. 3 orphanage visits, with bible lessons. Very blessed week full of testimonies, thank you all for your prayer and support
Forwarded from Elvira
Forwarded from Elvira
Yesterday we testified at 2 homes in a new village with a local pastor. The families were very welcoming to hearing the Gospel and provided lunch for us. We were all blessed by the visit.
Forwarded from Niack Dimov
Praise God that we are able to to work His will! There is some serious work being done in finishing the orphanage. This week we practically finished the 3rd floor with priming and painting. Many of us have moved to work on the second floor. In addition to this, the staircase is halfway done with the main baseplate being set up, its quick work from here! Praise God that so much can be done in such a sort time. A few more weeks and we will be officially residents here!

Its important to note that we still have funds to cover. So if God puts it on your heart you can donate with the link below! God bless.