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UTICamp is a unique open-air event that was created to supercharge a translation industry conference with the power of nature and let the ideas grow, spread and develop the industry. 🌿
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Meteorit News 🌿
We visited our camping park at the weekend to make a layout of key conference facilities, think about the venue decoration and catering, and to take these inspirational images for you, our dear friends!
Meteorit is getting ready for our guests through improvement and modernisation. A small outdoor summer hall will be added to the large central hall. Spacious, light and comfortable #uticamp meeting rooms have been designed with love and are looking forward to host speakers, participants and guests of the conference 😊💚
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We are happy to welcome Rob Davidson among #uticamp2020 speakers
Rob is the Managing Director of MICE Knowledge, a London-based consultancy specialising in research, education and training services for the conference industry. Watch this short video about Rob’s presentation at #uticamp2020 and join the conference 💚
The preliminary program is available here: https://utic.eu/en/program
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At #uticamp2020 Anna Ivanchenko and Dmytro Shapochka are going to make a joint presentation from an interpreter and an expert in the field ‘Interpreting Oncology: A View from Both Sides’. Here is a short video presentation from Anna and Dmytro. Join us this summer 🍉🌲
👉The presentation from Anton Klevansky at #uticamp2020 will be dedicated to the work of interpreter at the European market which is traditionally divided into international organizations (including EU institutions) and commercial sector. Having graduated from Minsk State University, Anton has lived and worked in Belgium since 2010. He'll tell #uticamp2020 participants about the principles of functioning of European interpreting market, ways to interact with the clients and whether it is hard to become an EU-accredited interpreter.
Today that we are facing so many difficulties, access to UTICamp-2020 online streaming is completely free for everyone.

You can support our initiative by making a voluntary donation for UTICamp-2020 online streaming. It will help us develop innovative digital formats for each of you.

We shall greatly appreciate if you could support our online streaming efforts:
The day has finally come, friends 😉! Early Bird Registration is open for #uticamp2021!
Be an Early Bird and register at the best rates!
What do you get in the ticket?
a whole week of participation in practical lectures and creative workshops
a chance to learn best practices from the language industry experts
an opportunity to combine conference participation with a family vacation
a great way to move forward with your personal and professional development
- a chance to get a complete reboot!

👉Details and registration are here: https://bit.ly/3jvwhwA
See you on July, 19—25, 2021 🐥
Game localization lies at the interface between IT and literary translation and it requires specific skills from both the PM and the translator. At #uticamp2020 Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy and Julia Daragan reviewed all project stages from these two perspectives and went through the challenges game localizers meet 😎
Localization Under Microscope: Manager V.S. Freelancer is going to help you to decide whether game localization is really what you'd like to do and (if you are bold enough) how to minimize wheel reinventing 🙌
Presentation slides: http://bit.do/fHdWt
Russian version: https://youtu.be/fPzDkkABz4E
Speakers wanted for #uticamp2021 🤩

💥We are looking for inspiring speakers to share their experience with the vast international translation community.

Send in your proposal for a #practical presentation for Art of Translation, Interpreting, Business and Technologies, and Forest Mix Tracks. But our interest is not limited to these topics. We are open to new suggestions and will gladly look at any bold and innovative ideas. Go ahead!

The Call for Papers for the #uticamp2021 is open until 1 February 2021.

💡Details and application form: https://bit.ly/3iOkQ1B
Channel photo updated
Is it possible to combine responsible motherhood and successful translation activity? Viktoriya Telyashenko is absolutely sure that yes 🙌
Moreover, Victoriya thinks that it is freelance that provides us with an opportunity to watch our kids grow, pay attention to their development and education. And all of these without giving up your profession!

👉Watch the video on our channel: https://youtu.be/oiRuTSt1IPQ
📑Presentation slides are available here: https://bit.ly/3dHtbmZ
RSI is not easier than on-site interpreting – on the contrary, it is harder 🤔
Together with Maha El-Metwally CI and Natalia Fedorenkova let’s dive deep into the origin and history of remote simultaneous interpreting. Enjoy the video ☕️
PS: Victoria Moroz, Anna Ivanchenko, thank you for organizing such a lovely discussion on RSI at #uticamp2020 💚
👉Presentation slides: https://bit.ly/36VIzdX
Preparation of #uticamp2021 program is well underway 👌
We have held working call meetings with the program committees’ tracks to discuss speakers’ applications, defined the key aspects of the tracks, come up with new and unexpected talking points, and much more. And more exciting news coming soon 🔥
Have you already registered for the conference? Make sure you take advantage of attractive participation terms and get your ticket today 😊: https://bit.ly/3jvwhwA
A round of applause to #uticamp2021 Community Partner ProZ.com
We are really excited about this constant support and next year as well as the previous one we will broadcast 🎥the best #uticamp2021 live content on ProZ.com TV!

Founded in 1999, ProZ.com is home to the world’s largest community of freelance translators. ProZ.com's mission is to empower language industry professionals to achieve their business objectives and realize their full potential by granting them a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members, whether freelancers or businesses.
🎯Interested in becoming a member? Take advantage of this special offer: https://www.proz.com/store/27850?code=19-PLUS
Interpretation plays a special role at #uticamp, and we are proud to say that since the birth of the conference in 2013 simultaneous interpretation of presentations has been and continues to be provided by a team of true professionals 🤗
📣Today, we would like to welcome Svitlana Bregman, the #uticamp2021 simultaneous interpretation team coordinator, who has kindly agreed to continue her work in this role.
Svitlana has done a great job this year. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, she managed to pull together a unique team of the country’s top specialists, helping us to keep our standards of simultaneous interpretation high even under such difficult conditions. Svitlana has proved once again that a team is about reliability, mutual support and coordination of actions🤝
We are preparing a lot of exciting things together with Svitlana and the #uticamp2021 Programme Committee, and will soon provide details on how to join the #uticamp2021interpreters and become part of this incredible team!
Leonid Glazychev and Fedor Bezrukov were interviewed at #uticamp2020 answering the questions about the future of the translation industry, life after the apocalypse, the three promising areas for improvement, and what they thought about the conference.
We thank Leonid and Fedor for this inspiring interview and for their detailed replies 🙌

👉Here are the main highlights taken from the interview:

Everyone automatically thinks the coronavirus is the apocalypse, but that’s totally wrong. The industry has to change because any mature industry reaches two points at the same time — a very high level of competition and a reduction in margins, which affects both companies and individuals.

There is a set of areas that are at least worth thinking about. We see three general, global areas. These are the ones we mentioned in our presentation: expansion into other markets, other languages, and other fields. And also diversification, in other words, an attempt, for instance, to move from conventional translation or interpretation to multimedia, games, or creating content instead of just translating it.
And, finally, the third thing is doing something much better than others in a specific niche field. It is what we call specialization. We think that this triangle or not-at-all-holy trinity is what will help us move ahead.

We try to invest and commit our time and money not only to high-potential growth areas but also to our people, to specialists working with us. Some of them have been with us for more than ten years, so our people are our treasure. It’s all about the people.
Logrus IT is a sponsor of many events around the world and a participant as well, and like many other companies, this year we have cut our sponsorship budget significantly, but UTIC remained a protected item. We fought specifically for this part of our budget. Without this annual recharge and this kind of socializing, work basically gets very boring.

🌀The full interview is available at https://youtu.be/meRN8kKMzlo
📔And if you want to read it, please visit our website: https://utic.eu/en/interview-glazychev-bezrukov
The UTICamp team sends you greetings from winter Meteorit 🎄

We put on our warm clothes, packed some hot tea, cheerfulness and positivity, and came here to the campsite to capture the moment 🤩🥳
The end of the year is a great time to pause for reflection, take stock of the most significant events, and look ahead.

We wish everyone a happy holiday season! New Year is a time when dreams and hopes come true, and experiences are bright and vivid! May these magical emotions remain with you throughout the year ahead 🎉🎊

We hope that in 2021 we’ll have some long-awaited meetings (real, not only virtual ones!) with friends and colleagues, travel freely and communicate with each other outside our offices and homes. We are going to make these wishes together with you on New Year’s Eve, believing that they will definitely come true!

Meanwhile, the magic is starting to happen here in the heart of the forest... See you next summer 💚
And here comes some wonderful news for the #uticamp community!
Logrus IT has become the #uticamp2021 Gold Sponsor - the third consecutive year that Logrus IT has supported the conference. A huge and very loud shoutout to our Gold Sponsor!
We really appreciate your support for our event and your direct involvement in it: even in tough times you aren’t afraid of making a transatlantic flight to come to Meteorit in person, give presentations, help plan the conference programme and run a lottery offering great prizes for the winners 😊.
This support inspires us to go further!
#uticamp2021 has partnered up with The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) to help promote good practice in our industry 👌

⚡️Its mission: to provide a united voice for language services companies promoting the highest standards of quality and business practice, while striving to improve constantly the training of the next generation of linguists across Europe. Twenty four countries are currently represented in the ranks of the EUATC.
👉Read more about our sponsors and partners: https://utic.eu/en/sponsors