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At community request, remaining liquidity locked for 6 months (until our next sale round), leaving 50,000 USMF tokens to be distributed among influencers and key community contributors after our round 1 sale ends.
2515 West Oak ave, Douglas, AZ-Model.pdf
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We are excited to share with the community our site plan diagram. Currently in talks with the county and proceeding with development without issues. More to come at a later time.
V3-2515 West Oak ave, Douglas, AZ.pdf
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Current updates:
• In the works with county on site plan, some edit were done but all seems to be progressing well. Attached new site plan.
• In the process of purchasing initial solar arrays, ground mounted solar system. Receiving quotes from multiple companies.
• In the process of acquiring 3 T2T 30TH and 1 S9 14T. Miners purchased, we are just working on shipping now.
Reaching out to influencers and starting to look into Marketing campaign alternatives, community feedback welcome.
Happy to announce we are now approved by the county to proceed with construction. Reminder, first public sale ending soon.
Check out our current NFTs on Sale, new one just release :