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Hello people, am bureaucrats with 12 years of service in administration, gave 3 UPSC interviews and then topped state exams. In last 12 years have passionately groomed aspirants to achieve their dreams with personal mentoring.
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This is what called patience, hardwork and belief.
We are proud of team India yeah its bronze for us at #olympics
Pl watch BBC World news now, what's behind India's extreme climate,
Those giving this prelims, pl go through terms in golf, Javelin throw, gymnastics, hockey

Know about Bhavani devi too.

Regressive tax bill

North East geography and features

Tibetan issues

Art 21A, NEP

Afganistan history with India especially kushan and Buddhist councils
This picture gives the message. We saw that with Chiplun Floods this year, and in fact, Pune floods a few years ago. red Dr Mathew koll, IMD,Pune
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good article, for GS-Social issues, Sociology Optional
Find a wise teacher,
Honor him.
Ask him your questions,
Serve him.
Someone who has seen the truth,
Will guide you on the path to wisdom.