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This is my profile channel - I share day-to-day stuff here, it's just for fun. Personal stuff.
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Really excited to start connecting with people again. This will be like my profile. Sharing random things and thoughts that I have. It’s my channel for friends. 💕
Wow - I spent the last hour cooking up fresh from the farm sausage, onions and peppers that we could use throughout the week for breakfast - my hubs just came upstairs and literally cleaned out the fridge - throwing away the prep I just made. 🙄 I mean the air still smells of peppers, onions and sausage…this dish couldn’t have even been cold yet. And he threw it all away. It’s one of those moments I question my sanity. 😂
My constant furbaby!
The ridiculousness of this world continues to build.
What if…

When you hear it all put together it really brings it all home, doesn’t it?