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Hello Readers, I know it has been quite a few days since last update..We were busy and our team was facing this pandemic...But we are back..Check out our latest post and let me know ur thoughts..
Whatsapp latest privacy policy updates has become alarming now as we are nearing the date...It is forcing its users to accept the policy or else they are gonna disable features and finally remove ur account..
We have already warned about it to everyone and now it is official...If you haven't read about it, please read our blog post on Whatsapp privacy policy updates
Latest Update: Google pay users of United States can now send money directly to users in INDIA without any other medium of money transfer sites
Oneplus all latest models of series 9 are only having 2 bands of 5g network in India..Users will face difficulties if those bands are limited in your areas..Try giving a thought on it before buying oneplus 9 series
Eid Mubarak to all the followers..Hope this Eid brings more light to our lives...On this Eid, we have posted a latest post on "Fi" bank...which is a smart Neo Bank developed by Ex Google employees to bridge the gap between Smart banking and People..Check out the latest post on our Insta page..It is very useful to all the working employees..
Hello reader, Iam back with the new post, this time on most interesting topic which is trending recent times that is "Bitcoin" and cryptocurrency...I have given complete details about them and also given steps on how to invest in Bitcoin in India...Read the complete article and Iam sure you will love it...Just in 5mins you will know about Bitcoin without searching anywhere
Please share it to the max and help the one who need these details
Hello Reader,
Iam back with new post on this Friday..Get to know about the Power of our passport and types of passports issued to our citizens.. Also get to know to which countries we can travel without any prior visa...All these in one blog post..
Do you know how smart your homes can become with IoT devices? Imagine how relaxing it would be when gadgets work for you..Check out the IoT devices and find out which devices suits you the best and buy them
Cryptocurrency is turning into a scammers market from a investing market..Please be careful while investing...Check out our blog on Cryptocurrency and how to invest it in India..Dont be misguided..Invest safe