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Introduction to the Universa Blockchain

From this moment, we’ll provide weekly articles about Universa. From explainers and updates about (business) developments to blogs and community contests. If you want to participate and spread the word, contact @starnold (on Telegram) and see how you could take part in this movement. You can also join our Telegram public chats: English and Russian.…

What makes the Universa Blockchain so fast?

In this article you’ll learn more about the architecture of the Universa Blockchain. In case if you missed the introduction, feel free to read it here. Universa as a fast blockchain The speed of a blockchain is one of the pillars of the blockchain trilemma. You have to find the right balance between scalability, decentralization…

What makes the Universa Blockchain so cheap?

In the introduction article we talked a little bit about the subject of this article: the costs for a transaction in the Universa network. Compared with other blockchains, they’re very cheap. But what makes a transaction with the Universa Blockchain so cheap? In the previous article we compared the speed of the Universa Blockchain to…

Asymmetric Cryptography in the Universa Blockchain.

Learn more about private/public keys, addresses, hashing and encryption (in your own language). Asymmetric cryptography is one of the core principles of the Universa Blockchain. But how does it work and how important is it? Check it out 👇🏻

🇬🇧 Asymmetric Cryptography
🇷🇺 Асимметричная криптография
🇳🇱 Asymmetrische cryptografie
🇮🇹 Crittografia Asimmetrica
🇩🇪 Asymmetrische Kryptographie
🇭🇷 Asimetričlka kriptografija
Inside the Universa DAG

This week we'd like to enlight you with an article about the architecture of our Universa Blockchain. Learn more about the (swarm of) Directed Acyclic Graph's in English, Russian, Dutch, Italian, German and Croatian:

🇬🇧 Inside the Universa DAG
🇷🇺 Внутри блокчейна Universa используется DAG
🇳🇱 Binnen in de Universa DAG
🇮🇹 Viaggio all’interno dei DAG di Universa
🇩🇪 Innerhalb des Universa DAG
🇭🇷 Unutrašnjost Universine DAG arhitekture
Inside a Universa Smart Contract

Last week we learned that the Universa Blockchain is actually a swarm of Directed Acyclic Graphs and that each Smart Contract has/is its own DAG. In the new article we dive into these smart contracts. What makes them (im)mutable and what different state can a contract have? Check it out in English, Russian, Dutch, Italian, German or Croatian 👇🏻

🇬🇧 Inside a Universa Smart Contract
🇷🇺 Внутри смарт-контракта universa
🇳🇱 Binnen in een Universa Smart Contract
Viaggio all’interno di uno Smart Contract in Universa
🇩🇪 Innerhalb eines Universa Smart Contract
🇭🇷 Unutar Universinog pametnog ugovora
Identity of Universa (and Ricardian) Smart Contracts

What's a Universa Smart Contract about? And how does it work to make an escrow contract? Check out the new article which explains more about the identity of Ricardian contracts and how Universa follows this unique approach.👇🏻

🇬🇧 Identity of Universa (and Ricardian) Smart Contracts
🇷🇺 Суть смарт-контрактов Universa
🇳🇱 Identiteit van Universa’s (en Ricardian) Smart Contracts
Identità degli Smart Contracts Universa (e Ricardiani)
🇩🇪 Identität von Universa (und „Ricardian“) Smart Contracts
🇭🇷 Identitet Universinih (i ricardijskih) pametnih ugovora