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(6/20/2021) It’s up to true Patriots to continue to stand up against this medical tyranny.

(excerpt) Tens of millions of Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and with that, workplaces around the country are opening up once again.
But the rules that some employers and others have put into place mandating vaccines that are still not fully authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, have sparked showdowns with employees.
Lawsuits have been filed against a Texas hospital, a Los Angeles school district, a North Carolina sheriff and a New Mexico detention center, to name a few.

LOL! A post most appropriate for US, eh,
#TruePatriots for humanity.
#United We Are!

Dark Luciferian Satanism
Stop it before it hit your shores Countries abroad... Say NO to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!

Oh, by the way...happy 4th!
Gotta get that grill going!!!
Now back to what I was ‘saying’...(3)


(7/5/2021) An excellent video to use in context of what this Gentleman is saying...(3)
I must compare notes......(7)

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The World's Poor Are Already Being Priced Out Of Meat, Meat Sales Drop 1...
Silver Report Uncut
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#HegelianDialectic #GreatReset
#WakeUp #DontBeTheSheep #LibertyMovement #UniqueLines
(8/24/2021) (Objective: To link like minded people willing to be commercially loyal only to the like minded networks. #THISISTHEKEY #LibertyMovement) THEY actually think that THEY’re going to subconsciously enslave US to one-by-one pick US off?! Are we like our ancestors?
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(6/13/2022) Psst! Now that we got rid of everyone. Let’s start posting designer wholesale graphic refined merchandise here. There shouldn’t be any complaints now that the stream is solely ours.
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