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UNCHAIN is a 2 day conference, featuring some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain experts and entrepreneurs. Here we will post news and updates about the conference - and discuss issues. More infos: www.unchain-convention.com
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last talk by olga ukolova will start in ten mins

after that: one of the famous theo goodman auctions! (approx. 16.50).
approx. 5.15pm:

Panel: "Fiat Money into Bitcoin Solutions" w. Max Keidun, Benoit Marzouk, Michael Dupree Jr. and Lukas Praml

hosted by Thomas Hunt
Now on:
UNCHAIN Auction hosted by Theo Goodman
Morning everyone!

First talk of the day starts at
Aaron Koenig - the decentral revution

tone‘s updated bitcoin value proposition just started
Fireside chat with Brock Pierce starting now!
Who said there are no NFTs on Bitcoin Core? Come to the DOJO Breakout Room to learn about the Crown Platform NFT API
first pics are online!
for high resoultion pics please contact us at info@unchain-convention.com
much more to follow soon
dear UNCHAIN followers, please consider seriously to joining https://www.noncentralconf.com this weekend (!) in the dreamlike area of leon, the northern countryside of spain. it is a gorgeous get2gether on a superior culinaric level, we can authenticate from our last year's experience. participation is highly recommended whilst the organizer alexander casas, who has been our this year's speaker also, is a very well respected member of the international crypto movement, our family-member and a extraordinary host! see you in leon
thanks to jeff gallas, who just accepted our DW interview invitation to give a talk about #libra: very well done from our opinion... chapeau jeff!
oldie but goldie... thanks for these latam-moments, rodolfo andragnes⁩! PS: our first talk recordings of tone vays, brock pierce and hans-werner sinn are online now. more to follow soon. check youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvx4O8Y7ochfPNw03m0xDg
does anyone miss a blue SONY mp3 player? it was found in our after party location. if so, please contact us via info@unchain-convention.com