For those who is interested in a consensus algorithm behind the future ULTRANET network we have published the initial document that can give some degree of understanding of it
Here is the updated UOS white paper
and updated ULTRANET white paper
Hello all

Despite the fact we are small for now but recently we have received our first investment offer. It was very surprisingly since we were not waiting such things at this stage but had to reject it because our philosophy of evolving is to stay open, decentralized and independent and does not imply to establish any public entity and reserve any rights


We are interested to starting with a budget of 5Mio euros invest in your token and we want to become shareholders you decide about percentages we can also bring our investors to invest in your token here is our company name
Director financial and investors Mr Raymond Lazard.
Plrase contact me at this number 0044*******

Mathieu Benaim
Some clarifications regarding our emission model:

We dont want to go a traditional way of token sales when some team emits their tokens in exchange of some existing ones like ETH or fiat to avoid any possible issues with regulators (especially is case of fiat).

Instead of that, we are planning to implement a different emission strategy when buyers receive our token for ETH similar to the traditional way but we do not receive these ETHs as they are burned forever immediately (yeah we are going to burn a lot of Ethereum, near 10 millions by current model :) instead we receive our own token concurrently with a "buyer" at the rate of 10% of each emission portion.

So, as you can see, this doesn't imply to have any pre-mining or something kind of like it and this way we technically do not perform any sell and purchase operations but rather transfer tokens from one network to another.
For enthusiasts and early adopters:

The project introduces an open decentralized blockchain infrastructure for publishing, distribution, verification and delivery of any kind of software, particularly for a new generation of Internet applications that aim to supersede traditional Web paradigm
Test0 network launch is scheduled for 12 January 2022
The first public Test0 network is launched

Download node software :
How to install:
How to run a node and participate in a block production:
Some basic commands to manage Ultranet entities:

This is the first release so we expect early stage issues, please report them in @ultranetchat, we will set up official github and issues tracker a bit later.
We have deployed a Free UNT Faucet
This is one-step service to get free UNT tokens for Test0 network without need of standard but more complicated ETH-to-UNT transfer approach

It allows to get 1200 UNT per account which is enough to use as a bail for a candidacy declaration for those who want to run block generating node
If you have issues connecting to Test0 network then first ensure you have the latest version of node software. It is constanly updated so your installation may become outdated sooner or later.
If somebody has strong experience with C#/Xamarin for Android/iOS and wish to contribute to the project please let us know by contacting @maximion