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Something my sweet wife just shared with me.

When I see this kind of suff I know THERE IS hope for us to create a better world!

The first TWO issues are now available!
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Charity auction in favour of the Colombian people

I just discovered a charity auction in favour of the Colombian people – I immediately thought, for once, to break my “vow of chastity” and to publish some images of my works that I make available for the project on my IG account.

Wherever you live you can participate in the auction and make your contribution.

If you are a model, in addition to my prints you can also make your offer to buy a photo session with me; the session, whose theme will be the "Freedom" project ( ) lasts a full day and takes place on Lake Como (Italy).

To place a bid, comment my latest posts with your bid, which must exceed the previous bid:

The auction ends on Sunday 6 June at 11pm (European Time).
I will contact the winners of my works the following week to arrange the payment and submission details.

You can see other works at auction by following the tag #subastasolidariaxcolombia on IG – for details on how the auction proceeds will be used follow @subastasolidariaxcolombia (yes, again on IG).

Thank you!