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Bridge Daily Limits
Hi all, we have implemented a daily limit of $20k. We have surpassed that by far today, so thank you to all who have provided liquidity thus far! This allows us some time to continue to analyze our security, and ensure there's no bugs left (even after having security audits and testing rigorously).

Thank you for your support!
Yield Farming Starts April 21st (BSC)

Yield Farming with uPlexa goes LIVE on April 21! The first 30 day bonus consists of 5 million donated $bUPX, plus the built-in 1% transaction tax. The dividend now is an accumulated 5,280,000 tokens in it's first <48 hours.

uPlexa Bridge Daily Limits Optimization

The way the daily limit functions has been changed. If you have had any issues with delayed swaps over the past 12 hours, please read the article:

Forwarded from AJ Crypto
Today we will have a completly different project uPlexa.com
A privacy based digital currency

➑️ Project and Team Introduction
➑️ SCA team Interveiw
➑️ Questions from both Communities
➑️ Project future goals and closing

πŸ’° Total Reward for the best question: $50


βœ… Follow uPlexa on twitter
βœ… Join uPlexa telegram group
βœ… Follow Smart Chain Apes on Medium

Questions must be geniuine and not Copied
from other servers.


web. uPlexa.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/uPlexaCoin
tg: https://t.me/uplexaOfficial
⚠️PancakeSwap Migrations

Pertaining to PancakeSwap migrations:
We will have to migrate LP tokens from the original Pancakeswap LP pool, to a new one. This will require users to:
* Unstake from the bridge
* Remove liquidity from old pool (v1) on Pancakeswap
* Re-add to new pool (v2)

We will not need a new upxReaper contract. Instead, we will be adding the new pool to the upxReaper contract. The allocPoint of the new pool will be set to 2 rather than 1, so the rewards will be 2x higher than the first pool. After 48-72 hours we will set the allocPoint to 0 for the original pool, meaning that the rewards will only go to the new pool

Final notes: On the website, you may have noticed that we labeled CAKE-V2 tokens prior to 'CAKE-V2' existing. This was because Pancakeswap is a fork of Uniswap, and was using Unsiwap v2 contracts. Thus, in reality my opinion is that the new CAKE tokens *should* be labeled V3. Anyhow, my apologies if I caused any confusion! We have updated the website in-regards to V1/V2 LP tokens.

To get started:
1️⃣ Unstake from here:
(Note: You do not have to claim before unstaking, the TX will both unstake and claim for you)
2️⃣ Remove liquidity from here:
3️⃣ Add liquidity here:
4️⃣ Re-stake here:
5️⃣ You're set! Sit back and and enjoy the rewards.

Apologies for the inconvenience!
PancakeSwap Listing added to CMC Page
Our BNB/UPX pair has finally been added to CoinMarketCap. We are still waiting on Coingecko & BSCScan, so do not be afraid to 'git up in their grills' to show them we truly are a community based project!

Total daily swap limits for UPX to bUPX are now $40k!

πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Core Contributors Expanded πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
Since we hosted our contributor trials last year, we had two solid community members step up to become 'Trial Contributors'. Very quickly, they were converted to official contributors for their amazing efforts, providing graphics, support frontend code, and various other ideas and solutions for uPlexa.

Since then, both @CCdozer and @Sheldozor (the Dozor brothers!) have continued to bust out amazing work for the uPlexa community, and we had no other option but to add them on as Core Contributors!

Thank you both for all of your amazing work you've done for uPlexa so far!

Cheers to the future of UPX!
Status Update
Hey all, just wanted to give a status update.

Currently, we are working on:
* Setting up a representative organization for UPX. This requires working with lawyers to navigate the necessary legal framework for accepting funding on behalf of uPlexa
* Some Electralight wallet updates pertaining to sync issues and cross-compatibility
* uPlexa core master branch: Ensuring adequate cross-compatibility and writing tests for SS release
* Web wallet: scaling
* UI overhaul for uPlexa bridge
* New uPlexa merch using some of @ccdozer's neat graphics
* Preparing marketing materials and press kit for some of our next releases

Just wanted to provide an update on what's going on behind the scenes.

New Official uPlexa Pool

We are excited to announce that Green has now setup the new official uPlexa mining pool. In case you missed it last week, one of the previous operators of the old official pool (uPlexa Online) went rogue. Thus, a new pool was born without said operator. If you are missing any payments from the old official pool, please DM Green#4747 on Discord with your UPX address.

New official uPlexa Pool:
(BSC) New upxReaper Reward Period
upxReaper has collected a total of 5.6M of fees since launch. All of which fees are now going to this next reward period.

New reward period:
Total: 5.6M UPX
2,592,000 BSC Blocks (~90 days)
Reward: 2.16 UPX per block (divided by pool share)
Start height: NOW
End height: 10288500

We are still discussing taking 5-10% of all rewards from mined blocks and applying them towards further LP reward periods. This would be in an upcoming hardfork for SS mainnet. Until then, the rewards come from the 1% bUPX transfer tax and any/all donations sent to the upxReaper contract.
Web Wallet has been fixed
The web wallet synchronization issues have now been resolved.

Note: During the maintenance/upgrades for the web wallet, we have decided we will soon deprecate the uPlexa web wallet. We will be releasing the following wallets as a replacement:
* Electralight v3.0 (Fixed compatibility & syncing issues)
* uPlexa iOS wallet

Thus, you will have the following options for wallets:
* Electralight GUI (Mac/Linux/Windows)
* uPlexa CLI wallet (Mac/Linux/Windows)
* uPlexa Android Wallet
* uPlexa iOS Wallet

Why are we deprecating the web wallet?
There are a few major reasons we will be deprecating the web wallet itself:
1) Privacy & security. Browser based wallets are more easily compromised. Whether it be tracking/footprint analysis via browser trackers, phishing, or malicious browser addons.
2) Maintenance. Maintaining the webasm code going forward with the Steadfast Storm release will be a heavy work load.
3) Least amount of use. The web wallet seemingly is used less often than Electralight and the Android wallet. Thus, continuing to support the web wallet (which is higher maintenance), seems counter-intuitive.

Not to worry, we will not be taking down the web wallet yet. However, we encourage users to be on the lookout for the Electralight v3.0 release next week alongside the upcoming iOS wallet.
πŸ†• Electralight GUI Wallet: v3.0 Released!

Electralight v3.0 contains the following updates:

βœ… Cross compatibility issues for MacOS & Linux
βœ… Ditched websockets for IPC = Faster!
βœ… Fixed sync detect height when restoring a wallet
βœ… Improved start up error handling

Also, remote.uplexa.com:21061 node has been updated to round robin balance a number of known uPlexa nodes, less likely to face synchronization problems in the future due to the remote node.

πŸ‘‡ Get it here