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Dear members:
Please see the profile information for our 2 candidates.

1. Olesya Girfanova.
2. Fakhria Saeed.

Best of luck for both of our candidates.
Due technical reasons we start our voting later, but still you have 48 hours to vote. We will start in 15 mins.
Presidential Election 2022-2023
Final Results
Fahkria Saeed
Olesya Girfanova
The TWIG Family pinned «Presidential Election 2022-2023»
The voting stared at 13:05 on 23d of June and will be closed at 13:05 on 25th of June.
Dear members,

It was our first experience having a poll or voting on the TWIG Family. We’re sorry to say that we’ve noticed some loopholes and would like to inform you that the entire exercise needs to be put aside and that the results therefore are annulled.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
We will let you know when elections will be done again.

Thank you
A reminder about tomorrow’s garage sale from our member Oxana:

Sunday, July 10
from 10am-2pm
Address: 40 Podshobog street,  Mirzo Ulugbek

Womens clothing (over 100 items!), coats, jewelry, shoes, handbags, tablecloths and decorative napkins, kitchen items, seasonal items (for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving)
Computer, standing desk (new!), books. furniture, cushions, men's clothing. And much more!
Bring your friends!
Happy Holiday to you and your families!
Dear Members:
We hope you are having a great summer !

We are looking forward to the new TWIG year beginning September 2022. We will begin the 1st General Meeting with an election for the forthcoming President for the year 2022-2023. We hope to see you in large numbers on the occasion. The exact date will be intimated to you a little later. Till the new President comes in Anita Sethi Ramakrishna has agreed to be the interim President.

Best Regards,

Twig Board

If you want your kids learn how to stitch, cut and create their own small projects during summer holidays, join our fun course.

The course is divided into 2 parts.
✂️ Part 1 :
- Searching for ideas how to create a project. This will help your child to independently transform their ideas into a product.
-Learn from an early age to create a Mood board - which is the foundation of design.
To implement the above points, we will also teach your child how to draw and collect collages.

✂️ Part 2:
-Distinguish varieties of hand stitches Create mini projects in a friendly atmosphere - cut and assemble fabric keychains, jewelry, mini pillows, etc. with your hands. Create clothes for your toy heroes ‼️

Classes start from 1st.August, 2022
Mon.,Wed., Fri. from 11:00- 13:00

Price: 500 000 UZS

Places are limited

Contact: +998 90-038-00-18 or
DM Instagram:
Happy Independence Day! 💙🤍💚
Complete your membership registration in advance so you can walk right in to the General Meeting!
TWIG MEMBERSHIP table at the Wyndham is open:

Friday Sept 23 14:00-16:00
Bring your ID and the annual fee - 600,000 UZS cash.
Looking forward to a great year together!!