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Logical structure is the first thing you should start editing. Ignore it and everything is lost. Nail it and it’ll be a perfect start for a perfect essay for you👇🏻

1. Does your essay have an introduction (about 10% of total word count), conclusion (about 10% of total word count) and several body paragraphs (the rest of word count)?

2. Does your essay have a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph? (a sentence or two briefly summarizing your main conclusions)

3. Does your thesis statement rock?
A. Does it express a distinct point of view?
B. Does it pass the ‘so what’ question?
C. Does it give a roadmap for the entire paper?

4. Is the rest of the paper connected with the ideas expressed in the thesis statement?

5. Does your introduction contain an attention hook (an interesting fact, a quote, stats, a story or disturbing observations)?
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Financial aid forms make math look easy 😑 Right?!