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I just want to say how much I hate Zach, it’s a hatred that never leaves.
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Was trying to get a friend into the show, then I remembered Zach and was filled with a burning anger and rage. God, I really fucking hate Zach!
House’s patients will be in huge debt.
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Have you ever thought that all the patients cured by House will be under huge debt? Considering whole Medicare situation and all the diagnostic tests his carries out on each patient. No wonder hospital will never fire him.
Remember season 4?) Guided-missile destroyer USS Bulkeley (DDG 84) transits the Aegean Sea with the Elli-class frigate HS Aigaion (F 460) during an at-sea exercise with the Hellenic Navy. [2560x1829] AEGEAN SEA (Dec. 6, 2015) (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. K. Fitch/Released)
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Hopper could have easily survived the last scene. You're telling me he just couldn't run for 5 seconds and go back to the testing room or go in the door right behind the device that we see them escaping from in the next scene. But no he just decided it was time to stare at Joyce blankly and cry. With other characters like let's say Bob, he stood there because he was about to die and was happy seeing Joyce and the exit. He just was happy considering he was a hero how he saved everyone. The other characters died a very reasonable death. Billy confronted the monster, Alexei (he was one of my favorite characters of this season) died after Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes I'm calling him that idk what his name is) killed him because he's a traitor. But Hopper died because he's an idiot.
Do doctors in the US really refer to each other with dr. Surname?
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

I am rewatching Grey’s and I am in season 7. I noticed a couple times they stressed this thing about doctor surname. I just watched the scene where April refers to Stark as Robert making a compliment and he responds ‘it’s dr Stark’. I am just curious if it’s really like this.

I am from Italy and here doctors (between each other, with nurses, other workers from the hospital and sometimes even with patients if there is a long relationship) usually call each other by first name; even if they don’t hang out together.

My fiancé is the equivalent of a fourth year resident and he has worked also with quite important doctors in its field and he always calls them by first name. Usually the first time they meet they use the polite speech version (there is no equivalent in English, but they use a more courteous ‘you’ version), but after a couple times they skip to informal speech.

It’s weird for me to image working 24/7, 7 days a week with somebody and being so formal; but I would understand the cultural difference!
What Seasons To Binge
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Walking Dead fans I am binging The Walking Dead Right now. Which seasons should I skip?
Sorry if people have already shared, but I completed my LOST set this weekend. It’s unfortunate they only made 7 with many other great characters.
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot
About Kellerman (spoiler season 5)
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Kellerman is one of my favorite characters, rewatching the show I think the same, in the case that he really died I think it's a pathetic death for a great character like him, at least if they are going to kill him, let him die fighting with some epic scene.



I honestly believe that he is alive, we did not see the body and when the guy shot him, then he turned and looked at Kellerman, then Tbag calls the police, then when the police arrive they call the ambulance to save Kellerman.



In the first case, I would find it pathetic that he died like that.
New shows/movies the cast are in?
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Any good new shows or movies with the cast? I’ve heard about Walker with Raven but apparently she’s not a part of that anymore. It’s been some time now since the finale — i’m sure they’re all involved in various projects now.
Episode 5 2 days overdue and counting.
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Anyone know what's going on? So far this is the fourth episode, out of five, to be significantly delayed or screwed around. To be honest I think I'm done with this series. I'm just more curious as to how many excuses the producers can come up with as to why they've so massively fucked the timescale around.
Just wanted to know if anyone else thought it was unbelievable...
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

...that a Brit comes to America (with a pretty heavy could be cockney accent) and says "hey everyone, I know it all sucks now but I'm here to be your new leader!" And all the Americans are like "Yeah, sounds legit. Let's follow the brit."

Like for two whole seasons I'm supposed to believe that Americans (who are pretty much trained from birth that America does it right and the other countries are pansies) just all decided that a Brit was going to be their leader? (Also yes I know the Ramseys say themselves that they have to get an American in there eventually, but the fact they were able to get to that point seems absurd to me.)

Ditto for the throwaway line where Sean indicates he already took over Europe. I'm supposed to believe that the rest of Europe didn't take one look at Sean go 'yeah, no'??? Like Europe which has been off and on subjected to the British empires wacky shenanigans just was like 'yeah, sure. What could go wrong with a Brit in charge'???

That's the only part of the show that kept throwing me for a loop and I wanted to know if anyone else had the same reaction.
How different would Stranger Things be if it was not centered around the kids?
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

We all know the actors who play the kids are a very talented cast. However, I can't help but wonder if this show would have a darker more serious tone if it were centered more around the adult characters. Maybe season 3's plot would not be so comedic?
Should I keep watching?
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Hi, I started watching this show yesterday day I'm on episode 4 now I think. And though I really like Simone's character I'm still not sure I want to keep watching this show. Beatrice's character is starting to creep me out and I heard online that she dies but I was wondering if there's more characters or storylines like hers?. Also if overall the show gets better from this point? I mostly watch fantasy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Legacies. But I have watched the 100 and Hanna which is why I thought I might like this show. So I'd like to hear some opinions. Thankyou so much!
If I had it my way…
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

If I could switch out cast members for other celebrities/ actors. Hmmm. It would go something like this
* I’m choosing these actors based on no particular reason, just because lol)

Meredith- Julia Roberts
Derek- Richard Gere
Cristina - Lucy Lui
Arizona- Mandy Moore
Callie- Salam Hayek
Alex- ? I couldn’t come up with anyone
Richard- Clint Eastwood
Maranda - Octavia spencer
Jo- idk

That’s all I have. It would be fun to watch this cast. What’s yours? ( all for fun)
Why was Jack never in 'a happy place' ?
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

Was there a theme or some parallels I am missing ?
Only time I can think he was happy was when in the start of S3, he was with Ben's group playing beachball (when Kate and Locke came looking for him).

Every time he found a girl, a love triangle ensured with Sawyer taking the girl.
When he came back from Island, he wasn't happy either(miserable is a better word)
It gets worse in S5, when trying to detonate he kills Juliet and has an identity crisis.
Last season, when writers finally decides to give Kate and Jack a proper chance, they send off Kate with Sawyer.

Even the characters were more appreciative of Sawyer instead of Jack, who was helping everyone from Day 1.

I would understand that's the reason why he was chooses by Jacob, but in six seasons things had to change for Jack, why didn't ?

And why tease a love interest with Jack when they are just gonna pair them with Sawyer anyway ? Was Sawyer also a key writer on the show ?
Spoilers for season 4
by @tvshowmulti via @r2tBot

(Ep 15/16) What did the necklace have to do with Amber? Looks wise I thought the woman might have been Thirteen’s mother