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We are now live and kicking! Stake your Theta and Tfuel to Theta Man's nodes and help decentralize Theta Blockchain! https://tstake.io/
We are announcing a new tool to view NFTs on the Theta blockchain! If you are lucky enough to own one, visit https://tstake.io/, click My NFTs in the menu and enter your wallet address to see them. Easy!
Dear Theta Man NFT holders! If you need to move your Theta Man NFT to a different wallet, please visit https://tstake.io/transfer to learn how to do it. Just a few Theta Man NFTs remain to be distributed! Grab the last ones while you can!
Dear Theta Man holders. Today, we converted 22 regular Theta Man on the Moon NFTs to special Theta Man on the Moon (Joker) NFTs, a move necessitated by the fact that during our promotion certain NFTs minted with the same serial number because of a minor issue in our code. To prevent multiple ThetaMan NFTs existing with the same serial number, these were therefore converted to special NFTs featuring a Joker in the bottom right corner. Please check your wallets at https://tstake.io/nft.html, you might be among those 22 very lucky ones!
Dear Theta Man holders. A total of 984 Theta Man on the Moon NFTs were minted during our promotion. They are being presently held by 977 unique wallets. Due to the fact that a small number of serial numbers got accidentally skipped during our minting process, we decided to burn these 16 tokens (along with 10 reserve tokens) by sending them to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 address, making sure they never enter circulation. Feel free to view these 26 burnt tokens at the above address by visiting https://tstake.io/nft.html. Thank you all for participating. Theta Man will be back!
Dear Theta Man holders, it is now possible to trade Theta Man on the Moon NFT on https://opentheta.io/ marketplace! Trading requires a Metamask wallet connected to the site and holding the NFT to be sold. Please read carefully the published "How To" instructions and proceed with caution as the site is still in Beta testing. We are not affiliated with https://opentheta.io/.
We have launched 3 new Theta Man NFTs and distributed them to our existing stakers! Please read how to get Theta Man – Theta Staker, Theta Man – Tfuel Staker and Theta Man – Vault NFTs by staking your Theta and Tfuel to Theta Man's nodes. Visit https://tstake.io/promo/ for more details.
Our new staking NFTs can now be traded on @OpenTheta under ThetaMan2 project (tstake.io)! Get yours by staking Theta and Tfuel to our GN and EEN nodes! Learn more at: https://tstake.io/promo/
Less than 2 hours after being listed on @OpenTheta, we had a new record sale! Theta Man - Vault #4 sold for 9,000 Tfuel! (This NFT can only be had after staking Theta & Tfuel to our nodes for 30 days.)
We have added a new feature to our website. All our stakers can now easily monitor the performance of tStake.io nodes, to which they staked their Theta/Tfuel. Please visit https://tstake.io/monitor
Good news for all @tStake_io fans. More Theta Man NFTs are coming soon, to be available on @OpenTheta! Stay tuned for the official announcement in a few days time! Theta Man goes to space and he has got a new friend!
The number of wallets that have received our staking NFTs keeps growing! BigPool.io data show that 24 wallets now own 49 Theta Man NFTs that can be traded on OpenTheta.io. Join this exclusive club by staking Theta & Tfuel to our nodes! As of today, we have issued 11 Vault, 19 Guardian Node and 19 Tfuel Node NFTs to our stakers.
We have launched our new Space Adventures NFT series on OpenTheta.io! Join Theta Man and his dog in their quest to explore our universe! First 3 episodes are called Spacewalk, Asteroid Belt and Iapetus. For more info about these tokens, please visit: https://www.tstake.io/promo/