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I just opened today! Go here to put in a request form https://tsaiwolf.com/commission-me/request
Commission for Smokepaw
And a pic for Syber
Usually just for Patreons only but it's a slow night and I'd like to open it up to those that subscribe to my channel too ^^ https://piczel.tv/watch/Tsaiwolf
Patreon Request Stream Today, Feb 7 @ 5pm PST!
As the above suggests! I will be taking quick color sketch requests from patrons tonight!

I know I haven't posted enough, so I want to say thank you to as many folks as I can this evening. I'm planning on being online for a few hours (my goal is 10 pm with an intermission in there somewhere). I'll take requests from patrons based on who joins the stream first, and do as many as I can! I also may be online a little early to warm up and make sure my software is working. I hope to see you all around!
P.S. If anyone was a patron and recently deleted their pledge, but would like to make a sketch request anyway, please PM me on patreon! I will send you a link to the stream. Thanks so much!
I'm gonna be doing some public streaming tonight, working on some Valentine's commissions!

Hi everyone!

Since a lot of the country seems to be stuck on a collective snow day, I decided I'm gonna show a little bit of solidarity and hopefully provide some good entertainment for a while for you all! (Well... adults. Sorry, kids.)

So, starting now at https://piczel.tv/watch/Tsaiwolf you can watch me do some drawing! I have a small smackerel I was working on to warm up and I'll keep working on the stream until some folks come along and want me to draw something for them!

I want to offer sketch and sketchy color commissions for anyone who is interested, to be drawn during the stream. I know money is tight, so I've relaxed my fees - in fact I'm not exactly sure what to charge, so I'm leaving it somewhat open-ended. If you want a commission, there is a short form to fill out. Let me know what you'd like me to draw and what you think is a fair price! There's also a place to upload some references for me if you want. There will be a link to the form in the stream channel!
Offering highly detailed Cyber Mondays this year! I’m open for the next 24 hours and is not first come, first serve. For more details, check out https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39450173/
I finally found a way to keep this automated! Posts from my website tsaiwolf.com will start appearing here.
Hot Spring

A cute doggo at the public hot spring, a little shy at being so exposed.

A submission I made with Mr. Flak for the propaganda campaign paid for by the War Council for WW2 was declined, calling it "too gay." We think it would have been really effective as this fox looks like he will reward the citizens who keep mum about American strategies.

Commissioner: MrFlak
Cute pinup done for Luke Husky. Prints at https://inkedfur.com/prints/luke-husky-n