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Forwarded from Making Sense
Let that sink in...
Not surprisingly, the corrupt house of Saud - Zionist / nwo filth - wish to lay down laws against Islam, yet again!
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A new terror in London - The Friendly Northerner 😳

A Northerner was apprehended by police in London today after walking around and saying "Hello" to strangers.

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Forwarded from MASKS
Forwarded from Global Resistance News (Ali)
Note to the reader, if you have just eaten a meal please close your phone immediately and re-open this post after digesting.

Iran is not going to bring down Western civilization. Western civilization is already bringing itself down. It's time for Western governments to focus on their own internal crises instead of trying to take part in the global Zionist war on Iran that they most certainly will lose in.

Full story: 🤢🤮

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Forwarded from Freedom Voice Chat Group (Admin 1)
Whether your partner takes the Vaccine or not we recommend loading up in advance with Vitamin D.

If you can't talk them out of the vaccine perhaps you can talk them into getting their Vitamin D levels up.

As the chart shows 98.9% of the people that died of COVID in one study - in a hospital setting were Deficient in Vitamin D - where as only 4.1% died who's levels were considered normal. We believe it's the same thing with the vaccines - that those low in Vitamin D will be more likely to have a bad reaction to the injection.

And as we are seeing all over the world - deaths from COVID / Flu go up in winter and fall in summer, same as the ability to make Vitamin D from the sun goes up and down. You cannot get enough Vitamin D from food alone, and not enough in the UK until at least April 2021. We'd recommend at least 4,000iu+ per day of Vitamin D (10 times the UK RDA)

There's an entire channel dedicated to Vitamin D on Telegram with over 50 Vitamin D related videos
Forwarded from Knowledge Channel
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This lady studied how the Nazi's gained the compliance of the vast majority of German citizens to go along with their plans.

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Forwarded from Tay's Way Movement

A groundbreaking video is dropping tomorrow and we need your help to make it go VIRAL!!

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the @nsw_freedom_keepers team, we are amplifying aboriginal voices #justasking important questions and encouraging their mob to investigate before consenting to an experimental 💉...


Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
Forwarded from New Great Awakening
Marines and US Military are Order Followers for the Cabal

Trump laid the groundwork for the next administration, Biden, to mass vaccinate the American population.

Trump did this with Operation Warp Speed.

The Marines are commanded by occultist homosexuals.
Research Kay Griggs interview.

And we still have indoctrinated Trump/Q apologists defending Trump. It is insane.

You need to WTFU and realise that both sides of politics are there to genocide you.


200 Marines help mass "vaccinate" in Philadelphia
Forwarded from Jack Dawkins
"Coronavirus" is barely, if ever noticeable in children, stop this now!