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Forwarded from Eric Striker
Ask not what Trump can do for you, but what you can do for Israel.
Forwarded from Eric Striker
Trump's presidency only makes sense if you consider the possibility that Epstein and the Israelis were probably blackmailing him the whole time.
Forwarded from Global Resistance News (Ali)
Twitter Banning Trump VS. Banning Imam Khamenei

Jack Dorsey is afraid of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was not afraid of Donald "Monitoring the Situation" Trump. Banning the Leader would not come without consequences, such as creating a new account which will attract more followers (forbidden fruit effect) or the next Iranian administration (likely a revolutionary and proactive govt, unlike Rouhani and the liberals) will fund efforts to create a global social platform as alternatives to Silicon Valley.

However, it is only a matter of time before the great purge happens. That is why we need independent social media outlets.

Twitter has suspended many Iranian revolutionary accounts who tweet in English, because the liberal Zionists want to portray the Iranian people as captives of "the Mullas" and not people who support their leader and are deeply aware of global Zionist plots and the criminal American deep state.

As mentioned before, they suspended his Arabic language account during an important speech in the aftermath of the Soleimani-Muhandis assassination, which would have touched the hearts of Iraqis who are being targeted by Zionist psychological warfare to get them to hate Iran and Iranians, as per the Oded Yinon plan for a Greater "Israel."
Forwarded from Global Resistance News (Ali)
Currently Iran has its own versions of the following apps:

- App Store
- Maps/Navigation (because Google is basically a spy in every pocket)
- Messaging apps
- and more

Most of these apps are Farsi only and for domestic use, but the foundation is there.

Iran already has multiple smartphone companies. It's domestic industry is robust from automobiles to appliances. It is not much of a leap for Iran to produce a global social media network to rival Silicon Valley.

It is only a matter of time before Iran's dormant potential is truly unlocked, which is why the globalists are so set on pushing the JCPOA on Iran so as to make it an import dependent economy flooded with foreign brands, to make it a weak nation with little independent industry and infrastructure.
Forwarded from Global Resistance News (🏴 حيدر علي)
— Make no mistake, all U.S. Presidents are the same; mindless slaves of the Jewish elite, fully comitted to establishing Greater Israel, “from the Nile to the Euphrates”.
🇺🇸🦅 OANN Journalist, Jack Posobiec on twitter:
— "Assad rapidly becoming the #1 foreign target of the Biden admin.

"These guy want to depose him. Syria Syria Syria is all I hear, full on war drums. They talk like they're Alexander the Great," remarked one official."
Forwarded from Global Resistance News (Resistance Creed)
Breadpilled channel is down!
Random Anon Channel is down!

These channels were not calling for violence. Stop the hypocrisy.

Forwarded from
NEW - Facebook currently accounts for 94% of all online child abuse reports, according to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Yet, the "social" media app has not been removed by Apple or Google from stores. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat
Socialist Wankers Party, one of the biggest fake left-wing long time controlled opposition organizations in Britain, is shocked that Facebook has shut down their accounts today.😂

Forwarded from ProjectKnowledge
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Thoughts? This is Simon Parkes one of the "Q decoders".
Forwarded from ProjectKnowledge
In the name of Zion documentary.
Banned from "censorship free bitchute".
Forwarded from ProjectKnowledge
This makes sense. Instead of focusing and waiting for trump to do everything now his supporters must scrutinize and call out every bad move Biden (his handlers) make.