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It’s not a country you ever had so taking it back is a false premise. See the one Origine here when she wants to speak is promised the microphone but not given it. 👇
Media is too big
And another....well done Adelaide 👏🏼👏🏼
Media is too big
AustraliaOne Party - AustraliaOne Update - 17 October 2021
A call to arms and a week with Ita.

Questions for Ita:
🔹 Why is ABC concealing the fact surrounding adverse reactions to injections?
🔹 Why is ABC concealing the real reson for the increaing numbers of suicides?
🔹 Why is ABC conceaing unlawful basis to lockdowns?
🔹 Why is ABC concealing unjustified police brutality?
🔹 Why is ABC concealing coersion by GOVT of disadvanteged groups?
🔹 Why is the ABC conceaing the destruction of the people’s businesses?
🔹 Why is ABC concealing the connection between big pharma and WHO CDC?

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Media is too big
AustraliaOne Party - Save the Children (19 Oct 2021)
Save the Children at Tweed Heads

Please share this urgent message far and wide TONIGHT!!

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Forwarded from RT News
Southwest Airlines scraps plan to put unvaxxed employees on unpaid leave

The company has reportedly reversed course on placing unvaccinated workers, who seek medical or religious exemption, on unpaid leave after December's mandate deadline.

Instead, the airline will allow them to continue working under Covid protocols like masking and social distancing. Has Southwest changed its mind after it canceled thousands of flights?

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Forwarded from RT News
96yo Nazi concentration camp secretary trial begins after flee attempt failed

The trial of Irmgard Furchner a 96-year-old former Nazi concentration camp secretary, who had to be electronically tagged after going on the run, has begun.

She has been accused of showing “contempt for the survivors and also for the rule of law” after not only trying to escape justice, but requesting to not appear in the dock.

While she faces charges for complicity in the murder of 10k people at the Stutthof camp in Poland, 100yo Josef Scheutz becomes the oldest person to stand trial for nazi crimes - but claims he is innocent.

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Australia: abducted by armed police two days after this video which immediately Vimeo deleted her entire Vimeo channel:
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🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺🇨🇳🇫🇷 The objective is to subordinate #Australia and Britain more tightly under Washington’s command for its war plan against #China. Cutting the French out of the mix makes the line of command more direct for Washington.
✒️ Finian Cunningham