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JAILBREAK! Gunmen attack prison and release over 200 inmates in Nigeria

Two officers have been killed as gunmen stormed a medium-security prison in Kabba, Kogi State and set free 224 inmates (Nigerian Interior Ministry).

The facility was housing 294 inmates, including 70 convicted criminals, at the time of the attack, the Independent reports. Many of the inmates escaped after the gunmen used explosives to destroy three sides of the perimeter fence.

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⚡️Vladimir Putin holds meeting with Syrian President Assad in Moscow

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Sanjid Javid Signs Order to Extradite Assange to U.S.

In 2019, Home Secretary, Sanjid Javid signed the extradition order which sent WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on 18 indictments including espionage.

Javid insists he is justified in his decision to render Assange to the US, still claiming that, “I want to see justice done.”

Read 2019 Article on 21st Century Wire

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We need to talk about why people are dying – 62% of excess deaths since March 2020 have occurred at home but just 3% are associated with Covid-19

Since March 7th 2020 there have been 250,725 deaths that have occurred at home up to August 27th 2021, an increase of 68,411 on the previous 5 year average. But just 8,249 of these deaths are associated with the alleged Covid-19 disease.. So why have so many people died? And why are they still dying?…

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Hesitancy denotes uncertainty and lack of conviction.

I posses neither of those.

I am unequivocally, unabashedly, and vehemently a HARD FUCKING NO.
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Stupid is as stupid does.
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⚡️Putin TO SELF-ISOLATE after Covid-19 cases in his entourage, the Kremlin says.

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❗️Apple shares DRAMATICALLY DIP after showcasing their new products – PLUNGING almost $10 since last Friday to $147.57 (at time of post)

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WUHAN WARNING MISSED: Chinese Defector Told US Intel of Covid-19 in… 2019!

US officials missed a significant warning from China’s most famous defector to America - that coronavirus was rife in Wuhan - MONTHS before it went global and six weeks before Beijing admitted there was an outbreak.

Wei Jingsheng, the father of China’s democracy movement, reveals in a new book that he first heard of a mysterious new virus at the time of the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019.

A concerned Wei alerted intelligence agencies, a US politician with links to the president and Chinese activist Dimon Liu - but said authorities were not “heavily concerned” despite his continued protestations which meant ‘the West was not prepared’ for the eventual pandemic.

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Forwarded from RT News
Bojo Unveils Strategy for England's Covid Winter – A Tale of Two Plans

UK PM Boris Johnson has set out a new roadmap but put in place a potential U-turn allowance - in case his recovery juggernaut derails.

PLAN A – the road ahead… as it stands:

▪️Encourage unvaccinated to be jabbed
▪️Offer vaccines to 12-15-year-olds
▪️Booster program begins for over 50s and those at 'risk'
▪️Continue test & trace/self-isolation for those infected

PLAN B - to prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed

▪️ Public to work from home
▪️ Compulsory face masks in indoor settings
▪️Public urged to act more cautiously
▪️ Mandatory vaccine passports for certain settings, including nightclubs, large outdoor events and indoor events of more than 500 people - businesses will be given one week's notice

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It is extremely important to brief everyone you meet (at least relatives, friends, workers, taxi drivers, etc) on the following topics:

You have to believe anyone who has the evidence, and do not believe the medical community without evidence because they never studied vaks except by indoctrination, and it is purely a biological field.

Fake Plandemic: Event 201 official plan in WEF website to reduce 65 million people + Millions of demonstrations worldwide not in media + Graphene spreading via different means to cause virus symptoms.

Fake Mask: No scientific research on it (non-science) + changes lung microbiome to make fungi.

Fake Swab: Statements of PCR inventor Kary Mulis does not test virus or disease or contagiousness + Results depend on thermal cycles and substances you can add to the swabbing point + Swab IVD symbol due to contents that causes virus symptoms.

Fake Sanitizer: Sanitizer related to corona contains trolamine as part of the chemical weapon convention that causes corona symptoms and liver holes.

Fake Vaks: History and false classifying genetic therapeutics as vaks + Placebo (saline but contains graphene) doses tricks + Statements of vaks technology inventor Robert Malone + Official statistics show most corona deaths are double dosed (75-80%) and single-dosed (around 10-15%) + Vaks fatal contents.

All topics have been covered in the channel, and you can retrieve them by search option.

من المهم للغاية الكلام مع كل شخص تقابله (على الأقل الأقارب، والأصدقاء، والعاملين، وسائقي سيارات الأجرة، إلخ) في الموضوعات التالية:

عليك أن تصدق أي واحد لديه الدليل، ولا تصدق المجتمع الطبي بلا دليل لأنهم لم يدرسوا الملقحات إلا بالتلقين، فهو مجال بيولوجي بحت.

الوباء المزيف: خطة Event 201 رسميا على موقع المنتدى الاقتصادي لتقليل 65 مليون شخص في العالم + ملايين المظاهرات في جميع أنحاء العالم ليست في وسائل الإعلام + نشر الجرافين عبر وسائل مختلفة لإحداث أعراض الفيروس.

القناع المزيف: لا يوجد بحث علمي عنه (غير علمي) + يغير ميكروبيوم الرئة ليتكون الفطريات.

المسحة المزيفة: تصريحات مخترع PCR كاري موليس لا تفحص فيروس ولا مرض ولا عدوى وتعتمد على عدد الدورات الحرارية ومواد يمكنك إضافتها في موضع المسحة + رمز IVD في المسحة بسبب محتوياتها التي تسبب أعراض الفيروس.

المطهر المزيف: يحتوي المطهر المتعلق بالكورونا على مادة الترولامين كجزء من اتفاقية الأسلحة الكيميائية التي تسبب أعراض الكورونا وثقوب الكبد.

الملقحات المزيفة: التاريخ وخدعة تصنيف العلاج الجيني ملقحا + ألاعيب الجرعات الوهمية (محلول ملحي لكن بها جرافين) + بيانات مخترع تقنية الملقح روبرت مالون + الإحصاءات الرسمية التي تُظهِر أن معظم وفيات كورونا هم ذوي الجرعتين (75-80٪) وذوي جرعة واحدة (حوالي 10-15٪) + محتويات الملقحات القاتلة.

جميع المواضيع تم تغطيتها في القناة، ويمكنك استرجاعها عن طريق خيار البحث.
Forwarded from BeachMilk
“Food-like-products” are essentially poisions masquerading as foods.

Wash them down with some yummy artificially-flavoured fluoridated sugar-water, and you’re all set!
Forwarded from BeachMilk
Professor Chris Whitty is England’s Chief Medical Officer. Hasn’t he got a trustworthy face(not)!?

Anyway he says he REALLY LOVES your children, and would personally vaccinate every child in the UK if he possibly could!

I wonder which Masonic Lodge he attends?