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How to cut the Brazilian population of lower classes which are “left wing” and hate the President “right wing” more than the globalist New World Order: President simply speaks truths about aspects of the plandemic the “left” masses then mask up take vaks are targeted with microwaves and die blaming their deaths on the failure to vaks and stifle everyone of oxygen. So simple. It’s become a Pavlovian reaction (research Pavlov’s dogs) for the “left” who are blinded to the actual elephant in the room by the hatred and narrow focus and emotions.
‼️ important message to all readers

Please read in full and comment below:

Unlike other anti social media Telegram time lines aren’t censored or filtered by algorithms. Every Telegram user following many channels and groups therefore needs to configure four settings to make Telegram work effectively for them:

1. Create folders (which will then display as tabs) in settings and organise chats groups and channels into the folders

2. Pin very important chats to the top for easy visibility and access

3. Mute those you don’t need notifications for

4. Archive those you don’t need to see until you want to they’re then easily found in archives

If any of the above 4 changes to default Telegram settings are not done then the Telegram experience will be inefficient, overwhelming, stressful, unproductive.

Until we’ve had at least TEN comments from ten different readers to this post we’re suspending this Truth_News plandemic news filtering service due to inefficiency. Because of the above issues few followers get to see our posts and too few are sharing them. Until such time we will join you as silent consumers.

Ten readers comments will show that the above information is understood and appreciated - if you have difficulty with any of the four configuration requirements mentioned above for Telegram you can ask and let’s see readers helping each other with these settings.

Tell us if you’re using one or more of these features?


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