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I just wanted to share with you a personal statement my daughter made. She's a nurse:

What I have seen while working in the hospital.

What I see are a lot of empty, blocked off beds. I see covid patients (with other comorbidities) that are stable and being isolated until they test negative so they're taking up double and ward rooms and blocking off empty beds to isolate these patients or patients whose results aren't back yet (whether they have symptoms or not but if it's been deemed there's a risk, such as if they have been in contact with someone who may have been positive, again whether they had symptoms or not). I'm seeing nurses who are exhausted and overworked because we no longer have family members coming to visit that would normally be helping out during the day with the heavier needs patients with feeding and such or nurses who have kids home full-time and can't make it in and so we're short staffed without patient family help (certainly makes the hospital stay a whole lot harder on our patients too which is emotionally draining as an empathic nurse 😔). I'm a float pool nurse so I go all over to many different units in our hospitals and a good majority of the patients I see on many of our units are ALC patients (waiting for long term care) or patients with other health issues like cardiac, diabetes, COPD etc. that have not been taking proper care of themselves or seeing their doctors regularly out of fear of what they see in the news or just because covid has made it so much more difficult to see our primary healthcare providers. I see people with other health concerns that have waited so long to come in out of fear of our "overflowing hospitals" that things are now worse off with them than they would have been had they come in sooner. I personally haven't had a single covid patient that died but I have had patients with so many other health issues die alone with only me or another nurse at their side. No family. I have however seen a couple of patients now who were previously very healthy and then had their jab and all of a sudden they're experiencing things like massive peripheral edema (like I have never seen before 😳), bruising with no known cause, shortness of breath etc. and they're asking me if I think it's related to the jab and guess what? We're not allowed to say any of our concerns out loud 🤦‍♀️ this is all so wrong on so many levels and something needs to be done.

You know what I have NOT seen though? One single case of the seasonal flu! 🤔
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If my underwear, shorts and bed covers can't stop a fart, that mask isn't stopping a virus.
Feel stupid for killing your self with the a uaxxine? Don’t believe us but believe the FDA? Or are you with Truth!
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The only people dying in India are those that just got vaccinated.
Forwarded from Don Dupes
Governments all around the world are currently waging war against the citizenry.
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Anyone who was retarded enough to take the Death-Vax needs to be segregated, THE VACCINE SHEDS AND DESTROYS HEALTH AND KILLS!!!!!! this has nothing to do with skin colour ......The Vaccine is an IQ test......anyone who has taken the Vax, FAILED!!! The Vaccine IS THE VIRUS!!!!
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What do you expect from the government that sold out Julian Assange to the US with absolutely no hesitation and complete eagerness? 🤷‍♂
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People are listening and "taking action" with united non compliance
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Breaking 🚨 New Yorkers who lost a family member last year can now lie and say that person may have had covid and get $9,000!

This is a very desperate attempt to manipulate the covid death statistics. The statistics were already manipulated and this will accelerate the manipulation.

AOC discusses a new funeral aid program that would allow dead people to be recategorized as ‘may have’ died from COVID.

The FEMA program would dish out $9,000 per deceased individual and a maximum $35,500 per individual application.

“So if your — if your — if your loved ones’ death certificate does not have COVID listed you can have it put in,”
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◼️ Pfizer $ 486 million in 2016
◼️ AstraZeneca $ 110 million in 2014
◼️ Johnson&Johnson $ 2 bn in 2013
◼️etc.pp, etc., etc...,
Not very trustworthy.
👉🏻 RIPT Media
Forwarded from Yuri Bezmenov Warned Us
UBI is coming, but it will be almost worthless. It's a façade. The elites want to confiscate your wealth from you using tricks like hyperinflation, and then give you crumbs to make you feel like they're helping you.

Expect supply chain breakdowns to happen in the US as well. The heat is about to be turned up, folks! 🔥
Forwarded from Yuri Bezmenov Warned Us
The stage before breakdown of supply chains is transferring people onto Universal Basic Income. Combine this with the rising prices and inflation in Canada right now, and Leafs are in for a bad time.

Soon the money will not be worth the paper it's printed on, and the UBI will be worth almost nothing, but the dimmest leafs will be thankful for those crumbs when that time comes.

You vill own notzing, and you vill be happy!
Sara Beuckmann

34 years old, Scotland

The 34 year old woman from Scotland suffered severe skin injuries after receiving the AstraZeneca injection on March 18, 2021.

Feel better Sarah ❤️

#AstraZeneca #Skin #CovidVaccineVictims #Injury #VaccineInjured