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Comment from Paula Lawson: “I wish people would stop referring to Covid-19 as this horrific deadly disease. If it was so deadly doctors would not have had to be coerced into putting Covid-19 on a death certificate WITHOUT the deceased patient even having had a test. If it was so deadly we wouldn't need the majority of people to take a test to know if they have it. If it was so deadly we wouldn't be stating died 'with' Covid we would be stating died 'from' Covid-19. We are NOT in a pandemic. If this was truly about health we would be talking about ways to strengthen the immune system rather than suppressing it by creating stress and worry for people/ wearing masks/preventing human interaction/removing essential healthcare services.”
Comment from Len Simmons
in Britain: “Back in March when the first lockdown was imposed as a bicycle shop we were exempt from closing down. We introduced the 2mtr rule and provided sanitizer for customers and restricted the number of people in the shop. No masks were required for us or our customers. During that time we met hundreds of people a day. We asked lots of customers if they knew anyone who had contracted Covid 19. I recall only two people saying they did. In August we all had the antibody test as a precaution. None of us had the virus. From March to September the number of reported infections continued to fall. The Government started to increase the compulsory wearing of a mask in September and the infections have got worse. As the testing rate increased it was obvious it would. From a 10,000 a day in March to 300,000 a day test now The data we experienced in our shop the real world does not support this. It makes me and all the people we engage with very cynical about what its all about. By the way I am in my 70s.”
Comment from Lee Daintry:
“The worst enemy of any government is a free man, the worst enemy of a free man is any government.” — See @greencharter for the solution to the problem of democracy: The Authority of the People
Comment: tell all your friends and family to get off the enemy platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc and come onto @Telegram. Refer them to for more information. In your Telegram settings set a username. Post to everyone that you’ll only be on Telegram where you have control over your privacy and data and more and better features. From now on refuse to use the enemy platforms owned by the elite psychopaths!
#PCR tests are useless, positive result does NOT mean coronavirus at all.
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Forwarded from World Doctors Alliance
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We have just received news that is back online. This is a repository of important information on People’s Power, REAL Human Rights and TRUE Freedoms, as well as a Third Universal Theory BEYOND LEFT AND RIGHT, providing solutions to the problems facing humanity. We urge our readers to check it out, and share it widely!
BANGKOK (NNT) - The World Health Organization has highlighted several notable accomplishments by health agencies in Thailand in their COVID-19 response, urging Thailand to work together with the WHO to create a joint database and extend outbreak surveillance, in preparation for a possible new wave of infections.
The World Health Organization (WHO) aka World Hoax Organization has left the question of financial claims for adverse effects unresolved as it seeks to ensure coronavirus vaccine shots are distributed around the world, according to confidential documents reviewed by Reuters and six people familiar with discussions.