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Laos🇱🇦 Heads to E-Government with TrueConf🔝

The National Assembly of Laos
and TrueConf have jointly facilitated digital consolidation of 16 government ministries and dozens of their remote departments countrywide🌏

➡️ By deploying an inter-governmental video conferencing network powered by TrueConf, the Laotian E-Government Center has managed to

🔐 ensure high privacy of official-sensitive data

🧑‍💻 empower the workflow of public sector bodies

🦠 minimize morbidity among civil servants, which is very important in the context of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.
📢 On July 8, we held a webinar about TrueConf MCU 1.3❗️
👉During the webinar, we ran a live demo of our latest updates and Q&A session💬

In case you missed this event, watch the full webinar recording in our blog →
🚀NASASpaceFlight & TrueConf have facilitated flawless YouTube newscasts for the audience of over 400,000 online viewers🌍

🧑‍🚀NASASpaceFlight news producers achieved a professional streaming effect with 4K video quality and fixed position of speakers’ panes on the live feed thanks to TrueConf advanced real-time meeting manager💫

Now, NASASpaceFlight newscast followers

🪐 get into the immersive atmosphere of real-time discussion
🛰 enjoy top space-related news with the effect of telepresence
🧑‍💻feel involved in what is happening, which contributes to best information perception and interest boosting⭐️
📢 Meet TrueConf Server 4.7.3 Update❗️

Over the last couple of months we've been busy updating our video collaboration platform to make sure it brings the best possible experience to our users🧑‍💻

With TrueConf Server 4.7.3, you can sort the list of scheduled conferences by start time🕐
➡️ Additionally, we've made a lot of improvements based on the valuable feedback📩 from our users and system administrators. ⚙️Don't forget to update!

👉Learn more
🇰🇷Korea Council Administration Expo Hosted TrueConf Video Conferencing Solutions💫

📆 On July 22-24, 2021, Digiwill Co., Ltd, our partner in South Korea, showcased TrueConf video conferencing technologies at Bexco Convention & Exhibition Center in Busan🌇

The Council Administration Expo was aimed at

📈improving administrative efficiency of South Korea local governments
🧑‍💻seeking ways to increase their technological potential in a time of decentralization.

📌Within the Council Administration Expo, our partners presented TrueConf collaboration capabilities to Korean local government officials💼 who can subsequently implement these solutions to facilitate🚀 daily workflow of their departments🔝
💡Hints & Tips: How to speak in a role-based conference using audio remarks

Any participant in a role-based conference can express an opinion without becoming a presenter with the help of audio remarks 💬

👉To make an audio remark, just press the Push-to-Talk button in the lower left corner of the conference window. Upon pressing this button, your remark will be broadcasted to the meeting audience for another 3 seconds → see the countdown displayed on the button.
Troubleshooting, updating, tuning, configuring, and so much more🧑‍💻
Here’s to keeping aside all worries and enjoying a day because the last Friday of July is here🎉

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!
📢 We're happy to inform you that TrueConf Server for Linux is now available for Debian 9/10 & CentOS 8🧑‍💻

👍Enjoy the benefits of our enterprise-grade video collaboration platform on Linux distros💫

❗️TrueConf Server Free for Debian 9/10 & CentOS 8 can be downloaded here👉

🎓This guide explains how to install and set up⚙️ TrueConf Server Free for Linux →
💡Hints & Tips: How to become a speaker in a role-based conference

🎦 In a role-based video conference, participants are divided into:

🗣 Speakers who can share their audio and video to all meeting participants
🔇 Attendees who cannot be seen and heard by other participants.

👉 Any attendee can become a speaker by pressing the Take Podium button. The meeting moderator immediately receives a notification and can accept or decline your request.

⚠️To change your role to an attendee→ click the Leave Podium button that will be displayed instead of the Take Podium button.
📝Q&A: When SSL certificate, e.g. Let's Encrypt, has been uploaded to TrueConf Server control panel for HTTPS configuration, it happens that when you open TrueConf Directory on your Android device, the invalid certificate error occurs. And the following message appears: "SSL certificate invalid"🤔

⚠️Reason: Binding SSL certificate is not executed. This is CA's trust chain that contains certificate issues for your domain name.

This failure can be easily resolved with a text editor👉

1️⃣ Open the certificate files
2️⃣ Create a text document
3️⃣ Copy the contents of each file into this document in the following sequence: domain name certificate intermediate certificate root certificate. If you have a certificate chain, then it's enough to copy the content from your domain name certificate or certificate chain.
4️⃣ Save the file as bindcrt.crt
5️⃣ Upload the resulting file to TrueConf Server web configurator: Web→ HTTPS→ Downloaded certificate.

#trueconfserver #truehelp
🧑‍💻With TrueConf, you can live stream video conferences for up to 1,000,000 viewers🔝

🎦 TrueConf Server provides users with the ability to broadcast video meetings via RTSP protocol directly to streaming servers or popular content distribution services such as YouTube and Facebook Live👍
Learn more:

❗️Useful links:

🎥 How to stream your video conferences on Facebook?

🎥 How to stream TrueConf video conferences on YouTube?

🎥 How to stream TrueConf video conferences via CDNvideo?

🎥 How to configure conference streaming via Wowza Streaming Cloud?

#trueconf #videoconferencing #streaming
📆 Join us on September 14 for a free on-demand webinar about TrueConf Room 4.0, a new version of our innovative PC-based room software🧑‍💻

Sign up for free to save your spot and be the first to know all about the latest updates👇

#TrueConfRoom #webinar
TrueFacts: Virtual Classroom

🎓In this mode, designed specifically for e-learning, everything happens like in a real classroom at school or university🏫
Teacher and students see the virtual class in slightly different ways:

👩‍🏫 Teacher can see and hear every student which helps to manage class engagement and discipline📈
🧑‍💻 Students can see and hear only the teacher and thus stay focused on the lesson📚, without being distracted by classmates' feedback🗣

🔝There's also a variety of digital collaboration tools for arranging homework check, slideshows, and even exams.
📝 Virtual lessons can be recorded for future playback and sharing📖 between classmates who missed them for some reason.
🎒Learn more:
📝Some facts about the history of video conferencing

🎥 People started wondering what video communication would have looked like back in the early 1920s. Their fantasies relied on already existing equipment, so most of the concepts were quite cumbersome, as you can see in the illustration from the science fiction magazine from those times🎩

In fact, the history evolved as follows:

📺 In 1982, AT&T launched an incredibly expensive💵 corporate Picturephone Meeting Service — an hour of video communication between two offices costed $2,380.

🚀Some success was achieved in 1986 when PictureTel, today’s Polycom, designed a relatively inexpensive video conferencing system, with an hour of communication priced at $100💰

📈In the early ‘90s, Tim Dorsey at Cornell University wrote a program called CU-SeeMe, which became the first desktop video meeting platform🧑‍💻

🎦 In 1995, group video conferencing was released💫
💡Hints & Tips: How to record video conferences

🎥 With TrueConf, users can seamlessly capture online meetings and save them for future viewing, following the steps below👇

1️⃣ During a video conferencing session, click ... button on the control panel at the bottom of the screen 🖥

2️⃣ Select Video recording option from the drop-down menu✔️

3️⃣ Proceed to All participants tab → choose the participant you would like to record or capture everybody at once🧑‍💻

4️⃣ To start recording, click 🎦 button

5️⃣ By default, video conference recordings are saved in .mp4 format to the Videos folder on your PC 🖥

❗️TrueConf ensures high security of online communication, so our users can prevent themselves from being recorded as follows:
⚙️SettingsToolsWho can record me field → select the appropriate permission🔐
📢 We’re happy to launch a beta testing program of TrueConf 2.0, our next-generation client app for Android devices📱

The updated app version🔝 incorporates all features for productive video conferencing and team collaboration:

🔸 Enjoy fresh and intuitive UI
🔹 Run video meetings with multi-page layout
🔸 Switch to slides shared during online meetings and zoom the content in/out
🔹 View your conference in picture-in-picture mode even when the app is minimized
🔸 Manage your conference with advanced host controls
🔹 Collaborate with your team at any time (when connected to TrueConf Server 5.0+).

➡️ Join TrueConf 2.0 beta testing program in the Play Market — go to the app’s page and choose the “Join” option in the "Join the beta" field📝
❗️Join beta testing👉
📢 Meet TrueConf Room 4.0, a major update of our PC-based room software🔝

🚀The new version provides flexible video collaboration experience in meeting rooms, offering the following advanced tools:

⚙️ Real-time meeting management
🍀 Intuitive and freshly redesigned UI
💫 Joining video meetings with QR code
🗣 Automatic spotlight for active speakers
🖥 Displaying video windows on additional screens
🧑‍💻 Customizable layout background, with the possibility to place your corporate logo on the main screen
👉Learn more:

TrueConf Room 4.0 is already available for download❗️
Don’t forget to update😉
📢 Meet a post-release update for TrueConf Server 4.7.3❗️

This update enhances stability for your video collaboration system and brings the following improvements:

💫 QR codes to join meetings from TrueConf Room
🌎 Сompatibility with the latest versions of Chromium-based browsers when joining meetings via WebRTC
🧑‍💻 TrueConf for Windows app updated to v.

➡️ Enhance your video conferencing experience with the latest TrueConf Server update👉